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Act 1 
His eyes were drawn into the flames, the purple fires danced in the brazier and all he saw was better times. A time where he could feel the presence of his lost deity, it was so grand knowing that your god was there. The age of myth to him was a distant memory, one he kept revisiting. He stood on this very altar, his guards hefting him up high as he shouted praise to his glorious lost god. He became lost in that vision, his dulling mind burn alight with pleasure and sensation as he basked in the ancient adulation of the warriors who followed him to new heights of ecstasy. That grand time was slowly torn asunder as the hated god king brought order and stability to the realms. Yet in a sense that wasn’t so bad, they had new enemies to face, to fight. 

The only true horror came upon the cusp of the age of chaos, where the followers of the other gods rejoiced there was only confusion for him and the warriors that fought at his side. All they had was emptiness, the love of their god vanished from their minds and hearts. To him it was a fell blow, one that made him fall into a stupor. The warband he fought with and lived with came apart. They floated away hoping to find something to fill the void left behind their missing god. 

He sighed and withdrew himself from the vision. He turned and walked to the front of the altar, he looked down to his mutated guards. “Pain, Spite up you get.” Pain who stood at the front nodded. “Yes Master Amare…” Spite said nothing he merely grunted. 

The two mutated giants stood up right hefting up the altar with ease, they began walking through the forest he calls home. The Gilded Thicket was west of Balehold, in the past it was a place where people would gather gildweed in the lands of Gathilee. But Amare took this place for himself, he needed a home that could make his mind burn, a place that could fill the void in his heart. He transmuted the grass and flowers with his rites to make them bellow with great fragrances, the gildweed in the forest enhanced this effect. 

The very forest also keeps intruders away, those who wander in never leave. The fragrances have clawed into their souls turning them into gibbering fools. Normally if he comes across such people he would either multiate them and feed their carcesses to his braizer so he could relive his dreams or feed them to Pain and Spite. Amare sighed “maybe he will give me a sign one day?” He looked down to his pale body, it was replete with muscle. His very body looked to be wrought by a master craftsman, he knew someone must be sustaining him. To most mortals he would be ancient, he could not even remember how old he as. 

He grimaced, if the dark prince was still sustaining him why hasn’t he spoken? Why do his minions not heed his call for answers? Pain and Spite stopped, Pain released a low whine. “Master are you okay?” Amare chuckled Pain was always worried about him, so was Spite but he never voiced such a thing out loud. He assumes that Pain speaks for the both of them. Amare found the both of them so long ago, being beaten and ridiculed by monks who prophesied the coming of the hated god king. He thought such people were fools back then, but now? He could not help but laugh in irony. “I am fine Pain.” he answered. “Both of you take me to the glade.” Both mutants said nothing they trudged onwards. He hoped visiting his favourite spot within the forest will free him from his melancholy, but it never did. 


Act 2 
Arriving at the glade Amare was about to smile until he saw a group of horsemen standing in the middle of it. Their golden armour replete with runes of the lost god marked them as fellow followers, but this was his forest and it belonged to him alone. “Pain, Spite….Approach them but do nothing.” Both mutants could easily dispatch them but he could see the knights desired something. 

When he was before them the leader came forward, he removed his plumed helm revealing an androgynous visage along with long flowing blonde hair. “Greetings. I am lord Cardoc of the Golden host. I herby of-” “Stow your offer.” Amare interrupted. “This is my forest, get out.” Cardoc didn’t seem offended by his words, but those who followed him where moving hands to blades. Going by his face Amare could tell he must of been nobility before falling to the delights of the lost god. Cardoc gestured to calm his brethren. “Now let’s not be hasty, my king heard of a powerful priest who dwells in this forest. He requires one for his crusade.” “Flattery won’t get you anywhere boy. So tell me...Which are you? Seeker or Invader?” Amare waited for Cardoc’s answer. The golden knight smiled at him “Seeker, but we are not searching for the tangible form of our god like the others.” Amare leaned on the front of his altar, he gave a long sigh. “Alright hurry up, sell me your Golden Host.” “Very well, King Zakai blessed be his name wishes to launch a crusade against these lands. He received a glorious vision of our lord returning once everyone in the realms bow to will of Slaanesh alone. We search for Slaanesh by bringing his word and deeds to the fools that deny him.” 

He digested his reasoning it was different compared to most but in the end he assumed Zakai was another upstart lord who was using visions to build an army. He doubted that he was a Seeker as well, he was most likely an Invader using prophecy to build a host. Amare stood up right “tell me Cardoc, do you feel an emptiness in your heart?” The question surprised the knight “I know of what you speak. That awful sensation has evaporated in the face of serving the Golden Lord.” “Liar.” Amare hissed. 

He watched the knight frown, his facade of politeness vanished. “I wish to tell you if you refuse King Zakai he has ordered that I should kill you.” The knight’s words caused a great laugh to erupt from Amare’s throat. “So tell me how am I a threat to you the one you serve?” “You aren’t a threat, if you refuse me you are a heretic. It’s that simple.” answered Cardoc. 

Being called a heretic was amusing he was about to say something but the brazier behind him began to roar. He turned to see the flames were enlarging, he could hear Cardoc shouting something but he didn’t care. He approached the brazier and stared into the flames. 

Instead of old visions of the past he saw the back of a warrior who radiated the majesty of his missing prince, he could feel the hole in his heart being filled. The light of hysh blocked his face, it obscured his form leaving his vision a blur. Amare wanted to reach out he staggered towards the warrior. As he touched the shoulder of the warrior he turned his head slightly to him, he saw only a hint of his face. But the blue eyes captured him completely, the vision then crumbled. He screamed in fury “No! Come back!” he found himself looking down to his hands. The fury gave way to sadness the emptiness came rushing back. 

He wondered if this was a message from his lost god? Perhaps it was a sign? He turned and returned to the front of his altar. He looked down upon the knight who was oddly staring at him concern. Amare sighed “maybe you are involved?” “What do you mean?” The knight answered his questions with another question. He creased his brow, the vision only happened soon as this one came to disturb him. He grumbled while lowering his hand from his face. “Very well lord Cardoc, lead me to your king.” The knight seemed jubilant with his answer, but he wasn’t joining his host to serve but to look for someone. The mysterious warrior might be the one who will purge the void that has claimed his heart. 

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