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The Concept, General Von Richter

Remus Prime


This army project came about by my wish to have a Death faction that wasn’t enslaved to the will of Nagash, and that could be the “good guys”.  The idea I came up with is a mixed force from the Age of Myth that have been fighting Chaos for thousands of years.  Much changed from their original incarnation as mortal soldiers, they have fought and died in all the realms.  Evading Nagash along with the forces of Chaos, fighting battles on every front.  It’s great for conversions and thinking outside the box where it comes to what I can play with.  I’ll be uploading the first few conversions.

First of all is the General, Stephanie Von Richter.  She was sworn to Sigmar in life, but when he abandoned the realms she became disillusioned.  Her mortal body could only last so long, so she eventually accepted the gift of the kiss of immortality from Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood, who wanted to use the general in her machinations against Nagash.

She is a Vampire Lord on foot, with the Chalice of Blood (and bone.). I’ve yet to decide what weapon to give her.


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