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Suneaters Relics and Spells - Card Designs

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For the Suneater tribes with Artefacts, Spells and Prayers to keep track off within the army there needs to be a good way of staying informed within a game, so along with working out the technical components of these items I've been working on basic card designs to bring them to life within the game. So here they are for judgements and review!



1)       Wrath of the Blackened Wyrm – A priest channels his will into the thick black smoke billowing from the pyres, coiling it like a serpent to obscure the Suneaters from their foes. Pick one TERRAIN feature within 15 inches of this priest and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more enemy models may no longer draw line of sight through or over that terrain feature until the beginning of your next hero phase.


2)       Judgement of the Suneater – The best blades are formed in the hottest of flames, pick a friendly unit within 12 inches and roll a D6, on a 4 or more that unit immediately heals D3 wounds. On a roll of 1 however they are found unworthy and instead the target unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.


3)       Volcanic Blows – Pick a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a 5 or more that units weapons are charged with the force of a volcanic eruption. Until your next hero phase whenever your target unit rolls of a 6 or more to hit increase their rend by 2.


4)       Under the heel of Gork – Select an enemy unit within 18 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more that unit counts its SAVE as its movement value until your next hero phase (A unit with a save of 3+ now has a move of 3) as they feel the weight of Gorks mighty foot pushing down upon them.


5)       Burning Blood – Select a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more that unit is enchanted. Until your next hero phase, if at the end of any combat phase that unit has lost wounds in close combat their attacker suffers D3 mortal wounds as their foes blood burns at their skin.


6)       Burn it all – Select a friendly INFERNO MARKER and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more your prayer has been successful. Roll a dice for every ENEMY model within 6 inches of that marker, on a roll of 6 or more that model suffers a mortal wound as the pyres flame suddenly erupts outwards.



1)       Fireball
Casting Value 5
Pick an enemy unit visible to the caster and within 18 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of a 1 that unit suffers a mortal wound, on 2-4 that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, on a 5-6 that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds.

2)       Molten Shield
Casting Value 7
Pick a visible friendly unit within 12 inches of this wizard, until your next hero phase you may re roll failed saves for that unit, additionally any save roll of a 6 or more inflicts a mortal wound on an enemy unit within 3 inches.

3)       Jaws of the Suneater
Casting Value 8
The ground itself seems to warp and shift into a molten burning maw that threatens to swallow a man whole, consuming all in its path until its hunger sates. Pick a visible enemy MODEL within 18 inches that MODEL (damage will not overspill into the unit) suffers D3 mortal wounds, if the roll resulted in 3 mortal wounds (and the model was slain) select another model in the unit and repeat the process until you inflict less than 3 mortal wounds on a roll or the unit is destroyed

4)       Aftershock
Casting value 6
The wizard slams his foot against the dirt with a thud that resonates as though a clap of thunder, as they ground shakes and distorts enemies find it hard to find their footing. Until your next hero phase enemy units that initiate a charge move within 9 inches of this wizard must subtract 3 from the result.

5)       Choking Ash
Casting Value 6
Pick a visible unit within 18 inches of the caster, until your next hero phase that unit must subtract 1 from all hit rolls as they as surrounding by a thick blanket of ash, if the casting roll for this spell was 11+ that unit must also subtract 1 from to wound rolls until your next hero phase.

6)      Immolate
Casting Value 8
The last spiteful act of many a Suneater wizard is to give themselves over entirely to the flame. Every unit friend or foe within 6 inches of this model (including this model) suffers D6 mortal wounds, if the casting roll was 11+ they instead suffer 2D6 mortal wounds as the Suneater revels in the destruction.


1 - The Elusive Spark
This shimmering spark was once a fire imp, its essence ripped away by Suneater priests it now fuels a lantern lengthening and distorting the shadows of its bearer into a haunting spectre. Enemy models within 6 inches of this model reduce their Bravery by 2

2 - Drake blood Oils
Pick one MELEE weapon for the bearer to apply these oils to, this cannot belong to their mount. Any wound rolls of 6 or more with this weapon inflict a single mortal wound in addition to their normal damage

3 - Embers of the first Pyre
Blessed are those given but a part of the first Pyre of the Suneaters, this model may utilise the Spark of Destruction prayer even if they are not a priest. If the model is a priest they may use this prayer twice in a turn.
SPARK OF DESTRUCTION: In your HERO PHASE select a terrain feature within 15 inches of this model and roll a D6. On a roll of 4 or more that terrain feature sparks into flame and you may place an INFERNO MARKER on it. Additionally roll a dice for any model (friend or foe) entirely within that terrain feature. On a roll of 6+ that model suffers a mortal wound as they are engulfed in the flames.

4 - Flickerfire Cloak
The bearers cloak ripples and shifts as though a coursing magma flow, enemy models attacking this Hero in the combat phase must re roll any hit rolls of a 6 as they are captivated by the cloak.

5 - Volcanic Shield
Hits struck against this shield reverberate with the deafening boom of a volcanic eruption, Cunning Ogors bang their blades against the shield on the charge to send their foes off balance. Enemy units within 3 inches of this HERO may not be selected to attack in Melee until all other units have been resolved.

6 - Bone hewn Effigy
This model has a small token effigy of the Suneater carved from the bones of a great drake, it is said when the strength of the bearer begins to leave their form they may drain the last of the drakes energies from the bone to reinvigorate themselves. Once per battle in your hero phase you may elect to use this effigy, restoring D3 wounds to this model.






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