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Champions of the Tribes




So who then make up the Champions of this Flame obsessed tribes, that they might elevate themselves above the Gullveig and Grots within the migration and carve out their own names in the legend of the Suneater.

Aldin Draken –

The Aldin Draken are enormous even for Ogors, drawn from the ranks of the Gullveig, these chosen of the Suneater have walked the blasted wastes alone for months on end and entirely without supplies. They are tasked with finding enlightenment that at their lowest moment in their final breath they might look upon the face of the Suneater, be judged and reborn. Perhaps more shocking they have emerged from those daunting wastes with enough of their sanity intact not to descend into the bestial hunger that claimed so many of their kind, and with the physical strength to drag what remains of their half starved bodies back from the brink of death. Those who emerged from the wasteland are a cruel sight to behold, their skin is blistered and scarred, coarse to the touch but toughened in the eternal heat of the Suneaters embrace, their eyes have blackened to coal seemingly at once unseeing and all too piercing for their kin to endure, some say to be looked upon by the Aldin Draken is to face the wrath of Gorkamorka himself. When they return these champions do not seek food or comfort, instead ascending the peak of the Draken nest, a bustling feeding ground for the enormous stone hide bearing Draken of Aqshy, an irritable bundle of sword-proof hide and jagged teeth prone to belching flame when provoked, here they face their final test. To ascend to the rank of Aldin Draken the champion must first claim his mount from the vicious lizards that populate the Drakens nest, each must engage in mortal combat with the Draken with many succumbing to the cruel claws and wicked beaks of the fattened lizards and feeding the nest.


Those who survive the trials do so through the use of brute force and strength of will to beat a reptile into submission, triumphantly riding their new bruised and beaten companion down from the mountaintop. In battle these Cavalry are slow and cumbersome, the drakes themselves lumbering and covered in heavily armoured scales whilst their riders wield crude heavy crossbows firing obsidian tipped barbed bolts across the battlefield, Often first into the fight they are more than a match for many a mortal hero and used as the elite guard for the Prophets of the Suneater Tribes.


The sacred duty of the Aldin Draken is to accompany the Volsungr into battle, should their mighty prophet fall the Magma drake mount has been known to rampage back through the Suneater Migration wreaking havoc on their numbers. Should this happen the Aldin Draken are put to task, pursueing the distraught beast and bringing it down that it might join its masters body on the Pyre and ascend to the halls of the Suneater together.

Tactics: These fearsome heavy cavalry become battleline if you field a Volsungr as your general, whilst slightly slower than their Prophets they excell at following the mighty beast up the Battlefield and using their crossbows to weaken foes he intends to charge. More over their specialties against monsters make them a genuine contenter to hunt down the enemies toughest warriors and drop them before any damage can be dealt to your heroes. 


 Bal Kasta - 

The Bal Kasta (Also known as Akursed) are Trophies of the Volsungr, taken from the firstborn of conquered tribes these massive Ogors would be contendors for Tyrant one day in any other Ogor migration, insread in the Suneater tribes they can never hold rank or power. Those tribes who refuse the enlightenment of the Suneater, too blind to see the true path to glory, and who are too weak to avoid subdjugation by a Suneater migration swell within the ranks of the Gullveig of the tribe. But these tribes are hidden from the Burning Gaze of their mighty god, they are not viewed as foes of the Suneater (such a status would make them fearsome indeed), they simply no longer exist in his eyes and therefore can never recieve his blessings. As such the flame still burns them as it would never burn a true disciple of their god, they cannot belch forth his devouring fires nor summon the pyres to his glory.

Such is the curse of the Bal Kasta, they will live their entire lives in the service of those chosen by their God but never live to see that power become theirs. Great Volsungr will have full regiments of Bal Kasta within their armies, a striking show of his dominance over the tribes as his fallen foes now serve at his whims in Battle, and in time some of these fallen champions may well be put to use. The Gothi Engineers of the tribes have long since mastered the Fyre Powders of Aqshy, using it to power their catapults payload and feed the mighty Pyre Belchers of the tribes, and whilst no true Son of the Suneater  would disgrace himself with using it to mimick the mighty fire belch of the Beserkr there is little that Bal Kasta have to lose and many find themselves all too willing to try.

These brave (suicidal?) Balkasta have two mighty fire belching blunderbuss strapped beneath each arm, their form clad in beaten iron plating that mighty (probably not) resist the flame should the volatile alchemical mixture backfire onto them, each is attended to by their own compliment of Grots tasked with filling and reloading the fire belching cannons as the Ogors simply cannot use their hands for anything other than holding onto this fearsome arsenal. Those who live long enough in battle hope that in time, should their gods eyes fall upon them belching flame from these mighty cannons, they might earn his favour and be elevated from the rank of Bal Kasta, though such a thing is unlikely.

Tactics: Short ranged and at their best when immobile the best use for Bal Kasta is to use a Waaghkart to throw them up the battlefield, becoming a point defense unit on an objective you need secured and scorching any enemies that mighty dare to come close. The Bal Kastas ideal target is mid weight infantry though they are no slouches in horde control. Supported by a defensive line of Ashen Grots to take any charge these Ogors can then fire over their defenders in unrelenting barrages to fell oncoming units.



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