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Tales of Anvenna 1



Hm, I thought I had posted this story already, but I hadn't even translated it yet.

The Frostaelfs from Frostbreath


Queen Anvenna stood on the balcony of the mansion looking at the hustle and bustle in the city she had chosen as the outpost of the Frostaelfs empire. Soldiers from the Dreadspears and Bleakswords in ice-blue armor patrolled the streets of the city, and members of the Darkshards and Blood Stalkers, whose sheds shimmered icy blue, seized the walls. The city had once belonged to Aelfs of the Order of the Verdant Cycle and it was said to have been a thriving kingdom at that time. Meanwhile, the entire region was covered by a deep layer of ice, triggered by a nearby Jotunberg. Anvenna recalled that this Jotunberg was under the control of her grandmother Tsarra, who had invaded the kingdom before the Age of Chaos. The attack had failed and Tsarra fell. The Jotunberg, however, was not persuaded to move on and transferred the kingdom in his mourning for his mistress in eternal winter. Many left the kingdom because of the harsh weather and constant blizzards made their lives more difficult. During the age of chaos, the kingdom, which was now known only as a frost breeze was first forgotten, since even the Chaos gods showed little interest in the abandoned icy land. This made it easy for Anvenna and her cults of the Frozen Serpent to set up an outpost in the old abandoned city.

Anvenna was reluctant to admit it, but she felt a little bored. With a rambling look she saw a drunken soldier staggering out of one of the bars. His arm was around a lightly dressed young Aelf. Anvenna bit her lower lip as she saw the two staggering across the street. She had to think about Satras Dragonheart, her husband. As king he first stayed in the fortress in the Blizzard mountains in Ulgu. Months after they had arrived here, she had heard that her fortress in the Blizzard Mountains had been besieged by chaos-troops of Slaanesh led by Chaos-general Vincent von Drachenheim on his Chaos Dragon. Satras had sent the young Sorceress Llorva to her to clarify the situation, but had insisted that she should not return to the Blizzard Mountains. If the Blizzard mountains fall, Frostbreath would be the last bastion of their cult. She had not heard from her husband since then and she was a little worried that anything might have happened to him. A deep hiss seized her thoughts.

A blue-white ice dragon was hovering above the fortress, dipping and coming to a halt next to the balcony railing. On his back sat the young Sorceress Llorva. Like many Frosteleaf female members, she wore besides some long boots only the few necessities to cover her feminine curves.

"I bring news, Queen Anvenna," Llorva said, jumping to the balcony.

"What do you have for me?" Anvenna answered suspiciously.

"I have identified minor troop movements on the border with our empire."

"Who owns these troops. Are they the servants of Chaos, or does the Order of the Verdant Cycle want to return its city? "

"I can not tell you exactly who the warriors belong to. I have never seen such warriors. They wore heavy turquoise armor with white shoulder armor and gold ornaments. "

"Where are these warriors now?"

"They went through the Clawgate to Ghur."

"Hm ... interesting," Anvenna said thoughtfully. "Maybe we should send them a welcome committee to the gate in case they return."

"As you command my queen," Llorva replied, swinging back onto her dragon's back and flying into the city.

Anvenna smiled. She felt that her boredom was gone by this news.



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