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Step One: Storm of Sigmar



The storm of sigmar box is a good value little box and pretty decent gateway drug into age of sigmar, unfortunately all the models within are of the "easy to build" variety and i thought had limited options for conversion, That was until i started tearing them to Pieces and cutting all their limbs and heads off.

So what parts do i have out of the box


2 retributors

3 Liberators

3 Blood Warriors

5 Blood Reavers

What can we make out of these?

Firstly the stormcast models are all sort of based around the same set of Chassis either a liberator or retributor body and from that base we can build quite a few of the stormcast heroes

Firstly, the most easy is the knight questor


We can see that the base is pretty much the liberator prime


So after some cutting and filing and with a spare power sword and a pretty unnecessary head swap


As you can see i did some stuff to the other liberators but they may soon have their bodies scavenger in order to make something else

Next up we have the retributors and they are pretty versatile

Forming the base for the Lord Relictor


and the knight vexillor


Among others but seeing as you only get 2 retributors in the box



As for the bloodbound we've got some fun stuff

you can make lords of chaos or khorne skullreapers



Wight kings


And Sigmar War priests/ excelsior warpriests


So for out of a $55 australian, box I have wrung approximately $232 aud of heroes which all look adequately fancy and I've still got a few units to mess around with

As to where this blog is going now, I've got my eyes on the easy to build Plague Marines box and some chaos warrior parts

we'll see where it leads.

Know of any kits that are perfect for turning into other stuff? Know of any kits full of bits I can use? Know of any cheap kits that just kinda maybe look like more expensive ones if you squint? Then tell me in the comments and I'll muck around and see what I can do.

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