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Back Again!



Guess who!

So, I have a deadline of the 11th of September, as I am heading to Nottingham with some mates and I know they prefer painted on their tables. So, I have to get the ironjawz done! Due to points changes, I am shelving the ardboyz, replacing them and the ironfist with gore gruntas and a grot shaman.

So now I have to finish:
1 megaboss, 10 brutes, 3 gore gruntas, 1 shaman. All close to start/middle of painting. The brutes nearly have their armour done. No pictures as yet, but I can start batch painting everything together as I got modelling and priming done today. I wanted the megaboss to be a bit unique as there are so many (fantastic) megabosses out there. Totally not an original idea, I think I saw it first on here close to the forums beginning, but here we have my megaboss. Why have one skull when you can have two!

So as you can see, it is the dragon skull from the gargant's club, cut and shaved down, with greenstuff straps. Honestly my first go at sculpting and I am happy with it, the indents in the middle look far deeper on here than in person, promise! When it is cured I will neaten the edges with my knife.

Also, since I was in store and felt like hanging around since the regulars were in, I decided to test scheme some Nurgle stuff, as I may be getting the poxy half of blightwar, which with my end times 500 points army will make a decent enough force for aos. I originally did my mortals classic nurgle colours, using duncans tutorial on blightkings. But I am thinking of doing rust armour (using stippling), so the brighter colours I want offset with darker skin. So I wanted to test how grey worked, and I am rather pleased with it. Though I should in future finish the skin before washes, as the drybrush highlight ruined them and they need redoing. I will be trying pre-shading as well when I get round to doing my own, but here are some photos:


Headed home before finishing, so bone and cloth have only a basecoat, and leather belt is unpainted. But I was really just doing skin and metal anyway. I am pleased with it, very fast to do, so a horde of plaguebearers wouldn't be a problem! Would want to try mixing some red in the grey for things like under bellies, give the skin some depth. Enjoy folks.

PS, yeah I copied it from my plog thread, ah well :P I will prattle on more here in future so I don't clog the forum.

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