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About this blog

This will mark my long term adventure into Age of Sigamar. Here I will post battle reports, small reviews, and tournaments* to come. 

No Bueno came to be from an odd source. One day a friend and me were playing a game and decided to make a dumb decision to try and win the game and all we said to each other was "no bueno?". And the name was born. Anything silly or unconventional for us became that. 

"We made bad decisions and think they are good."

Current Army:

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Entries in this blog



Welcome to my first blog post.  I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at this game. Most games I play I'm just an average player. But I love this game and will continue to play. A little bit about myself.  I started around 2014 playing Warhammer 40K with Grey Knights. With a lot of people Dawn of War was my first real introduction into the universe. Fast forward a couple years later and a friend of mine pulled out some dwarves. My first thought was "These are small and
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