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About this blog

I'm going to write some stuff and maybe post some pictures of my painty men. 

If this sort of madness interests you, check out my podcast at AtlantaWarhammer.com

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Blott's Crusade - A Gross Maggotkin Narrative Part 1

(This narrative will correspond with a local league's slow-grow campaign.) Blott Moldtoe stared for a brief second at the wad of mucus, before flinging it unceremoniously into the pile of squabbling Nurglings at his feet. The diminutive demons chortled and hacked with glee, momentarily occupied with their new, lumpy plaything. Blott ignored them as best as he could, and set his one cyclopean eye to the horizon. “Bit of a storm coming,” cackled a wet, phlegmy voice from behind where Mol



Ossiarch Bonereapers Tournament Report - 2K

Took this list to a local 2-day, 5 game competition last weekend and had a lot of fun! I didnt have any other options to run as this was a fully painted and based tournament, and I had about a week to kill myself getting these all ready. Thank goodness Arkhan was painted four years ago.   Round 1 - Three Places of Power - VS Skaventide - Major Loss Squared off against a really good local player who brought Thanquol and three Verminlords, plus five endless spells. I already had a d



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