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About this blog

My first foray into Age of Sigmar after years of dedicated defense to Ulthuan!

Entries in this blog


Base Coated Soulrender

Finally found some time in a hectic schedule to start my Soulrender.  Here is he base coated.  This usually takes me the longest, since my painting speed leaves much to be desired.  Now to start thinking of a name....

Completed unit of Thralls "Flame Reavers"

Here is the first completed unit of Thralls, the Flame Reavers.  I like to name my units and characters, and hopefully come up with background as well.  These are going to be my more elite unit of Thralls, the ones that are approaching almost Ahkelian levels of combat expertise.  That's why this unit has mostly swords.  The next unit will have more of the glaive/axe weapons as they will be the conscript unit.  Next up on the painting table will be the Soulrender!

First unit of Thralls

So, after a several years of RL intruding on the hobby (as well as fustration at the destruction of WHFB), here is my progress on my first unit of Idoneth Deepkin.   I went for the Fuethan Enclave, partly for the rules, but mostly because I wanted a faction that will fight anybody if they rile us up.  Here's the first couple stages of the WIP.
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