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About this blog

The Mournwoods are a sinister place, even for Shyish terms. It is a vast forest east from the city of Gothizzar. It is known for its blackoaks, trees which looks like molten rock, claid in black leafs. The Mournwoods seldom see light as is is veiled greyish black fog for most of the days. There are certain legends about this place and about the ruins of old castles which are scattered across the woods. Parents warn their children to never enter the wood, but actually most sane beeings avoid this place. Even Vampires tend to take a way around, and the few Kharadron Traderoutes that cover southern Shyish are painstakingly laid in a way to avoid the woods, as the mist may rise and devour a whole fleet on a bad day. There are only few natives to the Mournwoods. Wanderers of Dark Paths, clad in Black Coats, have built up a small city within the protection of the repellent aura. Also Necromancers seek in the Woods for old Relics and Shrines, in the hope of finding a Relic they can use for their own machinations.

Once, on one of the many silent days in the woods, a chill wind came up from the north and brought noise with it, which was yet unknown to the Mournwoods. The Wanderers of the Dark Paths, seeking for the reason of this disturbance, found a small group of Ogors, riding on giant beasts, riding deeper and deeper into the woods. These giant brutes were only a shadow of what they were described as in legends: Thin creatures, with loose skin which indicated that their flesh was once filled with a cushion of strengths. The Ogors were starving and also were followed by a parade of souls that flied around, mocking and laughing at the brutes. It seemed that in a cruel joke, the Lord of Death send them out to  irk and needle thoose intruders which came from one of the many realmgates into shyish. The Ogors tried to grasp or devour the shemes flying around them, but they grasped only thin air and earned laughter in response. The aelves didn´t bother. The Ogors will be no more within mere day, so meddling in this won´t be worth it at all. Or at least it seemed so, untill several days later the woods became colder and colder.

A storm of ice rose up where the beastclaws were followed only by a chill gust days before. Also, the wood became more and more unruly. So the wanderers send out ranger to find the cause of the trouble, and what they found were as ironic as disturbing. The giant beasts of the Beastsclaw Raiders from days before were mounted by massive Ghosts. The mounts themself seemed not healthy at all, but nevertheless moved with unnatural vigor. It seemed like the beastclaws came back from the dead, and didn´t even bother. In the first row of their stampede a proud Frostlord rode on his Stonehorn. An old Shirne of the Deathmages was bound to the back of his mount, laying an cursed mantle of light on the army. In whatever way the Ogors managed to came back, this shrine had something in common with it. This terror was riding back north, following a caravan of ghosts that was heading them. Fat, glowing green Hands reached for the spirits and grabbed them like if they were manifested in flesh, only to stuff them down the throat of the Ogor they belonged to. The Spirits, once safe from the Folk from Ghur, now became a dinner to regain strengths on this march.

The Plague from the Mournwoods was born and headed North, to the next village. The next Town. The next Realmgates. It headed to feast on the Souls, as there were many to harvest in this war.

Well, I finaly wanted to start some project that will get a more love than the usual "built to play" army and as discussed in the cool Thread here I went for a Ghost Ogor army. It is motivated by an Armybuilding-Campaign from my local gw store and the first step is to build a SC!-Box untill next Saturday. I´ve got the back of a Mortis Engine from a friend who used the bottom half for his Black Coach and knew I had to do this project. The overall theme is a mix of Ghost Ogors, Stolen Death-Stuff and some woods-elements just because I like them.

I hope you like this project. It will be a small one, covering 2 SC!-Boxes of Ogors so far :)







Entries in this blog


Short Story and Update

Hi guys, short update: After concider if I shall either stop at 2 models or go on, I finally decided to keep going with the Ghostclaws. Currently I am about to build the next 2 Models for the army. As converting the Frostlord was a lot of fun that really motivated me to do more for the hobby, the next two models will be also used as plattform for conversions. Aim: 100% more cool. 100% more creepy. Before I can share them I will also post the update on my mournfangs as I am about to fin




Another Ghostclaw Raider Unit finished

Another Unit for my Ghostclaws is almost finished, this time a Battleline one: The Riders on Thundertusk. I´ve got the model in a prepainted state from a friend and kept the fur and the tusks as they were before. The Chaintrap was broken and the parts missing, so I added a Banshee that will serve as a stand in for a vulture. I think the project will take more time than assumed. I am really not motivated to work on the "small" dudes as I have also a ton of other miniatures that want to




Initial State of the Project: Zboj, the Frostlord

Edit: I have to get used to the Blog-Function as this is my first one. I will attach the origin story from my Blog Description here so you at least can see that this Blog is about: Armybuilding. The Mournwoods are a sinister place, even for Shyish terms. It is a vast forest east from the city of Gothizzar. It is known for its blackoaks, trees which looks like molten rock, claid in black leafs. The Mournwoods seldom see light as is is veiled greyish black fog for most of the days. There are



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