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About this blog

A blog about my Sigmar related miniatures. Currently journeying through the Wastelands of Ghur. Prospective future trips include the Rain-Glades of Ghyran and the Sulphur Swamps of Chamon!

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The Freeguild of Kislavia

A blog entry which collects all the background and photos of my Freeguild Army. It will collect the posts from my painting log thread into a nice blog post! Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does sur



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