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The years 2018/19 have blessed us with many great releases and new miniature.

in total we could say that they are probably one of the best years.

A new edition began which made the game much more interesting to play, and we got to see new and old armies beeing released like the Beast of chaos or the deepkins.

And when we thought it couldn’t even get better, a mighty devilish cunning Grot chooses to astonish us with his mighty whaaaag of little fighty gitz flocking to his banners and even bringing some new and remade plastic models with him.

Although 2019 just began the excitement for new armies and older ones beeing renewer didn’t end and so we finally, after 7-10years got a battletome that finally screams the name of the true children of chaos out, “skaven” (remember that I won’t be counting the pestilence battletome nor the end times as a real release for the skaven since one the pestilence battletome was a joke, not giving us enough information about the skaven nor having anything special and secondly the end times well isn’t really worthy to mention right now).

Now as the mighty  Skreech Verminking we are and a loyal fan to the skaven in total, getting my (or our) Hands on that book was massive.

But there just  is a tiny problem.

“more than halve of our range is made out of metal or just looks funky!”

For instance if we have a look at skyre and Eshin, you’ll notice that the only models that looks somewhat good to ok are Stormfiends and the Verminlord deceiver. So somebody who has just started with aos and well wants to play a skyre only or Eshin only armie, will strictly said have problems when he/she wants to ignore metal minis at all costs.

sadly it gets even worse, when we have a look at all the well very badly looking models which is plaguing the whole moulder range, some of the pestilence range and the only plastic units Clan Eshin has, which is just sad for such an amazing book.

If we think about it right now, what could it possibly mean, for Gw just ignoring the fact that  around 75% of our army is made out of finecast, metal or just are more of a mutated monkey breed than rats🤔?

There have been multiple answer floating around this and other forums and website, which all aren’t confirmed and probaly never will be.

One of this groups which I would be apart of just hopes that this means that Gw is determined to get a battletome finished for each faction as fast as possible, meaning that new minis may be released sometimes later.

other think that there might not be any miniatures released at all and the battletome was just something to shut all those chittering hordes up.

In the end if one of these theory may be correct or literally all of them are well false doesn’t matter.

A problem I could see Gw facing in the near future is just that the may never sell all of these metallic monstrosity costing models, which could even get much worse when there are multiple new 3rd party’s how'd start selling the missing good looking 75% of the skaven race.

Even if Gw acted quickly and made some new weapons teams, The question would be still standing and we would have to ask themselves if it may already have been to late.

Still, Gw has stood many years even when some of them where rather dire.

And seeing as how some of their model range was rather lacking in good lucks in the past few years, since t is somewhat interesting to note that they always got some of their costumers back.

SO I just Amy be asking some total useless question but like many times said in the end not even god knows what the future beholds (or I’m at least hoping so, don’t like the idea of beeing a game piece of so many in tzeentches collection)




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Skaventide points adjustments, hopes and wishes.

So with the coming of the battletome, the tournament scene have trembled of-of fear from all those different Skaventide army list.   With some points adjustments, many units have either increased or decreased their cost in the last few months.   Even so the battletome still feels a bit off, having so many units that have almost to literally never seen the battlefield, either because they are easily replaced by mich better options, or are just entirely overcosted.  

Skreech Verminking

Skreech Verminking

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