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About this blog

Random rambles as I try to finish a 1000pt army (and more).


UK Gamer, mediocre painter, big ideas, and small time scales.

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Beastly Skin

Just a quick update as I've not taken any photos.   I decided that the harsh shadows was better, after realising that on the table top, the shadow and mid tones blend in too closely, and it's not really that visible. Those that didn't get the agrax wash on top of the bugmans, I painstakingly put it into the recesses, and the rest gave them a wash.   I'm now at the stage where I have all of the ungors, with their skin at Cadian Fleshtone level. Now to highlight, and paint in t



Beasts of War

I've liked the idea of beastmen for a while. They are the quintessential enemy to many in the Old World of Warhammer, this pure chaotic force that does not conquer for gain, but to despoil. I've read about them in various warhammer stories, and always wanted to know more. When the Start Collecting box came out (along with the Beasts of Chaos battletome), I figured, what the hell. It took a while to pick up the box and book, even longer to get round to building the figures, but now I have th



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