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"Out of the rot of autumn, Spring came with a fresh yet festering splatter to cauldron-shaped amphitheater in the Garden of Nurgle yesterday with the arrival of the new musical, "Singin' with the Stain."*   Compounded generously of music, gore, dance, pus, color, innards, spectacle and a riotous abundance of The Singing Nurgling, Nurgtarion, and Glottling on the screen, all elements in this diarrhea program are carefuly contrived to put you in a mood filled with the pungent sweetness of decay.

Of all things, this song-and-defecate contrivance is an disgusting, offhand comedy about the outlandish history of Nurglings in the old days of te Age of Chaos.  And its plot, if that's what you'd call it, concerns a tallyman who is linked with a sludge-voiced leading lady while wooing a putrescent new young thing.

The Singing Nurgle, who plays the tallyman,  runs away with the dancing and most of the songs.  His dance and duet with Nurgtarion to "You Were Meant To Rot For Me" is a sweet dump of Technicolored poo, and his galloping through "Gutter Ballet" is a beautifully soggy tap dance performed in the splashing stain."

- The New York Times*


*Blatantly paraphrased (plagiarized?) from the 1952 review of Singin' in the Rain by the New York Times.

** Singin' with the Stain is a working title.  Also under consideration: Singin' in the Rot.  Suggestions welcome!

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Curtain Call

Haven't gotten much painting in lately, but did a little and wanted to share the red red theater curtains.  I think it's starting to come together.    



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