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About this blog

This is an Age of Sigmar blog that revolves around Helmut von Hass, commander of Altdorf's Company of Honour, in his quest to fight back against Chaos and reclaim the Realm. 

Behind the scenes, I've played Warhammer since 4th Edition and have always played with The Empire. I took a hiatus within 7th edition and returned to 8th edition before the End Times.

In 2017 I entered my first Warhammer tournament and have fallen in love with the competitive spirit of the tournament scene ever since. In an attempt to keep a narrative feel to a competitive environment, this blog will hopefully help me keep the enjoyment of the game and my opponent while chasing victory.

*I'm sure this intro will change over time but I wanted to get something up first*


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Entries in this blog

RCGT2 (Redland City Grand Tournament)

In August 2017, the Thunderstrike Brotherhood hosted RCGT2, a 2 day Age of Sigmar tournament with a 2,500 point limit.  There was a lot of uncertainty leading into the event as it was the first major event using a 2,500 point limit and happen to coincide with the end of the original General's Handbook. This is my story from the event; RCGT2 Player Pack -------------------- Game #1, Benjamin James, Blades of Khorne, Border War Helmut von Hass, leader of Altdorf's Company



Sydney Slaughter

In June 2017, Sydney Australia hosted a 2 day Age of Sigmar tournament with custom scenarios. This is my story; Sydney Slaughter Player Pack -------------------- Game #1, Nurgle’s Garden, Clan Skryre, Dave H. The Ghyran Guard Stormhost had been acting peculiar around the city of Altdorf over the last few months. The rumours around the Chubby Carriage Arms pointed towards a specific Realmgate deep within the Bihopt Grove, and knowing the Ghyran Guard had involvement with



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