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About this blog

GAPI (Genetic Algorithm for Pile-Ins) is an A.I. developed to execute pile-in moves. Meanwhile, its author makes his own journey through basic theory of Genetic Algorithms. Continuous development on this A.I. aims to improve:

  • Effectiveness: the situations it can handle
  • Efficiency: the speed to compute a good pile-in move
  • Accuracy: respecting the natural and rules limitations for pile-ins

Once the A.I. can accurately model a player executing pile-ins, it could be used as a testing platform to benchmark formations, terrain elements and strategies. There's a chance it could support computing the value of combat range, and pile-in bonuses.


Entries in this blog

GAPI1 - The concept proven

GAPI1 is the first algorithm for computing pile-ins. It serves primarily as a proof of concept, that using a genetic algorithms works to discover pile-in strategies. GAPI1 kicks off the project to develop a more sophisticated and robust A.I. that can handle more complex pile-ins, and adheres to the game's rules and physical nature more closely. It's available here: http://tools.druchii.net/AoS-Genetic-Pile-In.php         The algorithm of GAPI1 Like any g



GAPI - Introduction

What misfortune made you check this blog? Well, now you're here, let me explain what the blog and project is about. GAPI stands for Genetic Algorithm for Pile-Ins. Genetic Algorithms are a form of machine learning (or artificial intellgence). They are particularly suited to find solution where a more intuitive solution to a problem is required. Pile-ins are a key element to Age of Sigmar, where a lot of variables meet. The formation of a unit, the clever use of a piece of terrain, the comba



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