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About this blog

This blog is going to be a stage by stage update as I paint my Clan Skryre themed Skaven.

I'm not the best painter in the world so any C&C along the way would be greatly appreciated.

Entries in this blog

After the Rain

So after 24 hours straight rain I managed to undercoat some Stormvermin. After staring at my paint collection for what seemed liked hours I finally came up with a colour scheme.  I think it works well but of course I know that there is much room for improvement. I went for a purple base to try and make a contrast between the base and the green, do you think it works? Please give me your C&C so I can improve my painting and I'll be back with more when I've finished the fir



Built, Based and Ready for Undercoat

This is my Skaven force with a Clan Skryre theme with all the basing done and is now ready to be undercoated. I still haven't thought of a colour scheme so hopefully something comes to mind soon as I need to slap some paints on these bad boys. I have the following: Warlord Warlock Engineer Stormvermin Warpfire Cannon Doomwheel Hellpit Abomination Stormfiends Warpfire Throwers Poison Wind Mortars



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