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After the Rain




So after 24 hours straight rain I managed to undercoat some Stormvermin.

After staring at my paint collection for what seemed liked hours I finally came up with a colour scheme. 

I think it works well but of course I know that there is much room for improvement.

I went for a purple base to try and make a contrast between the base and the green, do you think it works?

Please give me your C&C so I can improve my painting and I'll be back with more when I've finished the first 10.




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Man love that paint scheme, the purple bases are awesome! The super dark color scheme and high contrast highlights really work. You nailed it!

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Nice start, the colour theory is good with the purple and green, although a purple base traditionally looks a bit odd it kind of works for AoS.  Have you got a realm in mind where these bases represent, maybe metal, death or shadow?  An idea for you: you could use small patches of crushed purple amethyst crystal on the bases instead/as well as, static grass tufts.  This way you could paint the bases a more natural colour eg. brown or grey but still have purple on the base to contrast the green.  This could represent the mineral rich terrain of the realm of metal maybe.  If it was realm of metal some kind of wire bristles would make cool "grass" maybe from electrical wire.

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Many thanks for all the kind words!!!

The thing about the realms in AoS is it lets you be more creative with the colours of your bases. My idea was for a realm of death / shadow but also something that contrasted well with the green. I really do like the idea of some crushed purple crystal on there just to add that mystical element. I shall give it a try and let you know how it looks.

Right I've got Stormvermin staring and say 'paint me paint me'.

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