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About this blog

In Age of Sigmar Tactics, I discuss all the principles of the game, basic and advanced.

My goal is not to tell you what to do, but help you understand the game better so you can improve your decision making and army building skils.

Understand the game better, win more. Teaching a man to fish and all that.

Entries in this blog

AOS Tactics - The basics of Zoning and Area Denial in Age of Sigmar

I just finished another article on aos-tactics: Zoning & Area Denial In this post, I discuss the basics of zoning in Age of Sigmar by covering the following topics: The 3" rule Who to zone with Formations Zoning Flying units Zoning Teleportation units Summoning & Area denial Last week I got my first post on Warhammer Community which was totally exciting, you can check it out here. Did I miss anything, do you have any feedback or wou



Maximising You Deployment

In this last article, we discuss how you can maximise your deployment in Age of Sigmar. I discuss what the threat range is, how you can adapt to your opponents drops, how to deal with teleport army and a lot more. Read the article here:https://aos-tactics.com/2017/01/22/maximising-your-deployment/ Have a great day!!!



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