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Custom warscrolls

My first ideas for custom warscrolls: Warlock apprentice: 4 wound character. Warplock hellbard. Not a wizard, but can dispell one spell per round as a wizard. Mechanical rats: Melee unit. Wolfsize rat robots. Bases on the warscroll of Direwolves Warp Golems: Melee unit. Size between clanrat and rat ogre. 2 or 3 wounds. Not a killer but decent in combat. More to come.


Welcome to my blog.  My plan is to write a Battletome for Clan Skryre. I play and collect skaven for nearly 20 years in Warhammer Fantasy and had always a preference for clan Skryre with its fancy tech&magic style. My first step is to create some custom warscrolls to expand the current range of Clan Skryre. Comments, Critic and suggesions welcome!
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