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  1. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Hey there’s my blue boys getting some fame. Can’t wait till I have my full 2k army painted. What list did he take?
  2. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah and all the rumors say they are in the planning phase and only been Berkeley mentioned. Even then some of them are dubious. Moonclan probably safe as someone on this forum mentioned there was talk at a recent event that leaked out about GW looking for painters to paintgrots. I think at a seminar they mentioned the fyre and iron jaws have little unit variety and were working on ideas for. I still can’t find the seminar in question though. The most dubious one is Kharadron as I have heard litteraly zero on any sort of source for it and think it’s bs even though I love ko and they need new models and a fixed codex.
  3. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Yeah I always found that mystifying that bigger guns did the same thing as infantry guns. It’s part of the reason ko units have little distinction and their roles overlap heavily. We have all these models with overlapping roles and gun profiles. It doesn’t make any sense.
  4. Barkanaut

    Realm Themed Armies

    Another great idea for terrain would be razor grass patches for Chamon. Really tall really sharp grass that cuts you and looks like all sorts of blades and grass had a baby.
  5. Barkanaut

    Realm Themed Armies

    The fluff for my army is still in progress but I imagine my Barak-Mhornar were about to be attacked when my Admiral came to the King and told them it doesn't make sense. The Deepkin were throwing away hordes of treasure in their attacks that went to waste because they weren't using it. Likewise Kharadron have no use for souls and as a fleet out of Mhornar raiding and plundering is our lifeblood. So we struck a deal to work together. It also lets us get even more targets. Things that try and fly away are driven to the ground. Things that try to go under water are driven up to be blown away. Eventually the combination was so effective the King gave his new ally an item that would shield him from the memory loss of the Deepkin making more long term alliances worthwhile. He was so impressed with this he granted the King any one wish no matter what it is he will get it/do it for him. The King as yet has not called this in yet mostly because I haven't gotten that far and it also adds some mystery.
  6. Barkanaut

    Realm Themed Armies

    No one will force you to do this though. Its optional stuff for people to customize their armies. Even in 40k you can claim any army is whatever even ultramarines in blue being claimed as raven guard as long as you make it clear in the list. People have put so much work and time into their armies no one will tel you you can't play them. The thing they want is that you make it clear which models belong to which army (more relevant in tournament scene anyways). In my mind if people want this there is zero reason not to give it to them since it amounts to basically just telling people they can't have fun the way they want while you still can.
  7. Barkanaut

    Realm Themed Armies

    I'm planning on a Kharadron and Idoneth GA army vs Beastclaw Raiders and Ironjaws army set in a wintery are of Chamon. I've already got an idea in mind for metallic themed King to go along with my KO. I forgot to add one thing. The thing I want to see most is a cool pool/scrying water fall I can paint silver. It would have a bunch of old ruins around it.
  8. Barkanaut

    Lizardmen Counts-as Kickstarter

    Please GW take inspiration from this. These are so cool. Imagine new AoS style Sepharon. Also I like how they are living creatures again if what I was told is true and they are now born of star essence but otherwise 100% alive creatures. I almost started Lizards in fantasy just because of how cool the models are.
  9. Barkanaut

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    Ko are not in a great spot variety wise. We do need new models since everything is some variation of mixed melee/ranged. We also don’t have enough anti-magi. The only good thing we ever did was shooting and we don’t even have that. We lack the ability to make more varied lists. Despite the big roster only a few of it will ever be used because so much of it overlap in its roles. Dedicated combat vessel wold not go amiss. Dedicated melee troops and an elite melee troop would be great. Same with more anti-magic units and ships. Finally as a personal one I want to see a Barak-Mhornar character.
  10. Barkanaut

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    There's some solid indication they are beginning to think about updating some of the AoS armies again. Fyreslayers, Kharadron, and I think one other have been named dropped as being planned now. So if this chatter is true then we'll likely see some updates next year which is great if its true. However I suspect its BS so don't take this too seriously.
  11. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    We straight up simply need more models at this point. Our army was designed in the weird zone of AoS where it was clearly meant to be a mono build style army ala Fyre but then all of a sudden people hated that so they just gave us more middling ranged and melee stuff with some okay shooting and good speed. We have so much options that all try and do the same thing its crazy. KO to my knowledge was not designed to be the Tau. As long as we don't have magic anything goes. So why are we being pigeon holed into a mostly shooting army?
  12. Barkanaut

    The worst rule in Age of Sigmar 2.0

    Seems clear to me. If they didn’t then there would be cases where factions abilities wouldn’t work just because the core rules say so. I mean why make battletomes at all in that case if anything contradicts the core rules and can be shut down. It simply doesn’t make any sense. If it was written that way you could make a case for battletomes being invalid because they contradict the core rules lol. Granted I have not read much if my AoS core yet so there is possibly an area discussing battletomes.
  13. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Yeah but this is more current than the errata. We need to ask.
  14. Barkanaut

    When will AoS be finished?

    Yeah next year for 40k is going to be nuts. I wouldn't be surprised to see AoS take a slight back seat next year. I kind of like that if they keep it like that. One year is 40k focused with AoS being minor. Then the flip then back again ect. It gives both games time to grow and keeps all the audiences happy for both. Who knows though. Maybe GW has enough manpower to focus on both equally through the year.
  15. Barkanaut

    When will AoS be finished?

    A loooong time lol. Honestly I see it lasting at least... 12 years.