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  1. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Of course I am! In fact, I love one of the new ones, Soulstrike Brotherhood: it require few units I already use (except Castigators) and it gives a meaningful, useful rule. But I don't like to read people making dubious claims which don't hold to any comparison to reality. Most of the old ones basically give you a CP and Artifact for 110-140 points and forcing you into units you don't want. The single special rule is usually for flavour, at most. Hammerstrike? It requires few units, but the rule is laughable. Vanguard Wing? More or less the same. Most of the other ones are straight up a joke. Devastation Brotherhood, seriously? Those won't bring any variety, they won't simply be used competitively, ever. Check Nighthaunt battalions, though. Most are really easy to field and bring a really good effect. I hate Gavriel clone lists, too. But you know, non-garbage battalions would help to see less of the samey lists. Right now, they do nothing for it. The "6 Stormcast in top 10" is puzzling: you either refer to tiny ghetto tournaments no-one knows about, or you straight up pulled it out of your hat. AFAIK this has never happened in a major event since GHB 2016. Three in the top 10 is already quite rare.
  2. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Lord Arcanum on Dracoline will be made from the Evocators on Dracoline box. It was announced previously. How are the "good battalions" still competitive? All of them got destroyed by removing their good rules. Vanguard Wing? Destroyed. Hammerstrike? Destroyed. Tell me which ones do you think are still competitive, please.
  3. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    Came for the rumours, didn't stay for the off-topic attempts at comedy 😒 We really need some meaty rumours to bring this thread up. Where are you, rumour-mongers?
  4. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    From my point of view and experience, Tempestors and Fulminators are the best. The former for cheapness and being a tough annoyance in small units, and the latter for resilience and general close combat potential. Some people dismiss Tempestors and Fulminators in this as their breath attack got changed, and see Concussors as a viable alternative. But I don't really see the merit in their argumentation. 12" Lightning Breath is weaker but far easier to use in a turn you charge or arrive from Scions. And Concussors lost the possibility of triggering their mortal wounds on 5+ with to-hit buffs.
  5. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    They are better indeed. Cheaper Hunters, Palladors, Hurricane Raptors and even Aetherwings. Shock and Awe (-1 to hit if you charge the turn you come from reserves) helps them a lot as they come closer to the enemy and get easier charges. Even Longstrikes, while they stayed the same in points, got Headshot on unmodified 6's, so they get mortal wounds regardless of Look out Sir, Artifacts and other protection for characters. Plus the Command Ability of Anvils of the Heldenhammer gives them extra shooting easily. People will tell you they are still bad. But they can't deny that they are better than before.
  6. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Libs are not overpriced compared to the rest of the game, but they are really average. Nothing that stands out. Longbeards are way tougher and attack better with greataxes. Orruk Ardboys are cheaper per model and not really softer (rolling 6 in 1 dice is equivalent to rolling a 1 and rerolling, if not better), with the Orruks not armed with shields attacking way better. Tzaangors are once again cheaper by model, way faster and their offensive output is insanely better. Direwolves are a lot cheaper, faster and hit similarly on the charge. Even Sword& Shield Freeguild Guard offer the same resilience for less points, only by wounding on 4+ instead of 3+ (you don't bring Liberators for those punny attacks anyway). I could keep going on and on. Hi! There is nothing wrong with Vanguard, and with the changes un the new battletome they are at the very least a bit better. If you think outside of the box and get the most out of their flexibility and deployment tricks, you can surprise many players and do a lot more than they are supposed on paper. Look here for an example of a list combining Vanguard and Sacrosanct units: In my opinion, the Soulstrike Brotherhood Battalion is a nice, easy way to get a Command point, extra Artifact, less deployment drops and a rule that takes Castigators from meh to interesting. Don't be discouraged and don't follow the clone netlists blindly!
  7. DanielFM

    Stormcast 2000 points - Anvils' Soulstrike Brotherhood

    So you decided to ignore my questions and dismiss the core of my list? Cool. 1. They are not bad, they are more specialized than Judicators. Plus they are required (and buffed) for/by this battalion. It's one of the easiest yo field for me because I field two units of hunters anyway. 2. I have proved people wrong before about this. Not going for the most obvious (Cleansing Phalanx with huge Sequitor blobs or Gavriel alpha bomb) sometimes work with creativity and ingenuity. With the new scenarios, they can do a lot of nice things through flexibility. I play competitive but don't go to top nation-wide tournaments (we don't have them in Spain anyway), so good enough is usually good enough. I have yet to face one of those infamous netlists. 3. I like the model. I want to make it work. It has a lot of synergy with a shooty list like mine. Those are my reasons to not go with the no-brainer. I guess you missed the point of my list (making a Soulstrike Brotherhood army with a LAoT work) and went for the "how to make this list a clone of everybody's elses". I'm sorry if I came up too confrontational, but I asked for very specific advice to improve my list, and not to turn it into a tournament winner. You can play competitive without having the absolutely most optimal list, though. That doesn't mean "open or narrative" automatically.
  8. DanielFM

    Stormcast 2000 points - Anvils' Soulstrike Brotherhood

    Do you have any advice for my list besides fighting with Kadanga over how to use Staff of Focus properly? 😉
  9. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Yeah, 3+ save would have fixed them. Come on, they move 4 and get nothing in return! But the time for that went away. It sounds quite unlikely that GW would change them until the next battletome (in 1,5-2 years?).
  10. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    That's sounds awfully a lot like "they are good at dying" 🤣 Why not invest just a bit more to get a unit which can do the same role but better? You don't really have a role (at least in Matched) if you are not the best at it.
  11. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Their 6+ ability trigger in to hit rolls. More rolls=better. Plus Celestar Ballista(s) from Scions+cover=2+ save is a really cool combo.
  12. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    It seems like a cool update that takes advantage of the new toys. Drakesworn can get reroll 1's from Mystic Shield, so why not giving him protection against MW? 4+ nulify spells is not bad, and 4+ save against MW from Aqshy is better (even if I hate Realm Artifacts, for that very reason).
  13. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Random note: with a +1 attack CA on them, Retributors (without Starsoul maces) and Evocators deal practically the same damage (12,4 vs 12,7). Stacking 2 +1 attack CAs would probably make Retributors actually better than Evocators. Worth it? Maybe not. But it's there if you absolutely must use those Retributors. Additional note: tear those hammers and stick glaives, Protectors are even better than they were before!
  14. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Nope. They are objectively worse than Evocators. GW messed this time, hard. Ideal world, they would lower their points in a FAQ/GHB. If we get unlucky, they will up Evocators and leave us with not one but two overpriced units 😅
  15. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    A lot better! But, what you mean by 2x5 Liberators? Are they 10? I still see too many of them, they are a deadweight IMHO. 5 of them to hold a objective are ok for 100 points, but more seems too much. I would change them for 5+5 and 5 Judicators, and use those 140 points elsewhere. You have 40 points left, enough for an Endless Spell. Take advantage of it! (Together with the other 140 points you could even get 3 more Longstrikes!)