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  1. DanielFM

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    For me, what perfectly defines Knights Excelsior is what sometimes happens to them after too many reforgings (how do they call them in the book?): They see the world in black and white. That's the literal translation of their ideals, there is only good and bad.
  2. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    This may have been said already (and maybe it's a tough pill to swallow to BoC players) but Bestigors shouldn't have received their buff and stayed at 120 points. They outclass any heavy hitter battlelines out there. 3 3+ 3+ -1 attacks (sometimes rerolling ones) with good movement, run and charge and 4+ save is crazy for these points. Compare to Namarti Thralls or Grimghast Reapers, both pretty new units.
  3. DanielFM

    Which Stormcast Eternals Spells are worth it?

    Stormcaller+Stardrake, see if any enemy hero gets wounded and finish him with Longstrikes. I like that tactic.
  4. Tempest Lords can work really well with a list relying on CAs. My Palladors + Dracolines Alpha-strike list can do frightening things thanks to the up to 6 CPs (with a battalion) it can handle first turn.
  5. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    LLV said Darkoath/Beastmen release. Not Darkoath=Beastmen. It was either one or the other.
  6. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't know if you read the previous posts, but people isn't actually cheering from happiness with the AoS (lack of) reveals. That's a bit like rubbing salt in the wounds just to get publicity for your blog. I know that's not your intention, but that's how it came to me.
  7. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    Why not? You don't get one of the systems to be as popular as the other by supportingly it less, but the other way around. If GW wants AoS to be as popular as 40k (and why wouldn't?) they should invest extra on it. Having Warhammer Fest be Warhammer 40k Fest doesn't appear to be the best way to promote AoS. Will NOVA sort this out? Hopefully, but there is no guarantee. How did GW think a single Endless Spell would be enough to get AoS players hyped, I can't really understand.
  8. DanielFM

    Will Female Dwarfs be inevitable? Or still taboo for GW?

    Those look awesome!! Gw, take cues from them!
  9. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    Sorry for confusion, I didn't mean to demand something from him. I was just hoping he could shed some light on the change of events. What's that flaming bull, for example?
  10. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    LLV, any explanation for this disappointing reveal?
  11. DanielFM

    The Rumour Thread

    Stone plus...?
  12. DanielFM

    Is there a place in SC nowardays for Libs and Paladins?

    Of the three Paladin units, only Protectors keep a real niche. Decimators deal less damage to hordes than Evocators unless they have 6+ models in range, and Retributors deal less damage than Evocators while being more expensive. Now, take into account Evocators are faster and reroll 1's Vs shooting, and you see why both these units are paperweights compared to Evocators.
  13. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    That increases the range of the Heraldor trumpet greatly. With Thermalrider cloak he can move 9+1d6 flying then pick terrain wholy within 18. Neat ?
  14. DanielFM

    Order Army themed around Magic

    That's quite a questionable list. The Lord Arcanum on Tauralon is not great in a SCE list (with access to tons of spells and mount traits); here it's deadweight. Its warscroll spell is quite poor, leaving you with only Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt. His command ability is straight-up useless in this list, and Cycle of the Storm works only on the Liberators (bringing almost nothing). A Drakeseer or Archmage on Dragon are way better in that list IMHO.
  15. DanielFM

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Pure performance? Staves are better against more targets. Most of the time, a mixed unit will perform nearly as good as a pure staves one, but look more interesting (imho) and benefit from the increased range (first rank doesn't need range 2" anyway). That's what I would take.