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  1. Points have already leaked. The bad: -130 points Soulscryers. Harsh -170 points Morrsar. Manageable -Eidolon of the sea 420 points, Eidolon of the Storm 400. So -20 and unchanged. Still a hot pile of garbage. The good: -350 points Leviadon. -120 points Allopex. Both closer to be useable. -80 points Soulrender -130 points Namartis. Nothing groundbreaking, each 10 infantry guys pay for the Morrsar overcost. Overall? Nothing will change. With a pure eel list, you lose 30-60 points. With a mixed list, you gain maybe 30-40 points. What use are those, an endless spell? I hope other armies didn't get cuts across the board, because we will be left behind.
  2. You get 6 and 9 Morsarr for those points. Are you sure you wouldn't be better with them? Only in wounds, that's 60 over 24. Yes, it can change if Morsarr get nerfed (and hopefully Eidolon get cheaper) but right now I don't see the point.
  3. Pure Morrsar spam just came 2nd in Throne of Skulls. I hope it's not sending GW the wrong message. Spamming our best unit is still competitive, yes. But the rest of the army needs help. So when GHB2019 comes, let's cross fingers they don't just nerf Morrsar and leave the rest of the army as it is.
  4. If units were balanced (ideally) people would not lose much by using a split of those units, and most people tend to prefer model variety so they would go for it. Even then, the real incentive for variety is not (only) balance but slightly different roles. People still field some Ishlaen (not many, though) as they offer something different to Morrsar. Allopexes don't really offer anything substantially different to Morrsar (mediocre shooting?). Making them cheaper could help to see them on the tables, but it wouldn't be enough.
  5. Yep, meant Aspect of the Sea, sorry. 440 minus the proposed reduction (by DantePQ) would be 400. Most things I mentioned can have magical artifacts. They also get their own useful allegiance abilities. And some of them are as fast or faster, even flying (Aspect of the Sea, the overpriced one, moves only 10). Once again, only thing it has going for it is Forgotten Nightmares and access to cover and LoS.
  6. The Aspect of the Sea would still be overpriced at 400. Compare to: Thanquol- 400. Every bit as good a Spellcaster. Tougher. Close combat/shooting machine Verminlords-300 or under. More or less what I said above. Screaming Bell- 200, the same again, but much slower. Lord of Change- 380, tougher, way better wizard. I'm sure there are more examples out there. It could go down to 350 and it would be still fair. Seriously, is being "untargetable" by shooting worth 80- 100 points?
  7. Almost the whole army except Morrsar needs and deserve a point decrease, at least to compete with the newer, more powerful battletomes. Well, if GW expect us to play anything besides eels. Let's hope they realize and gives us at least some of them. And not as part of an "everybody gets cheaper" spree as happened in 40k 🤣
  8. Speaking of points and Skaven, how is the Screaming Bell at 200 points not a spit in the face for anyone fielding the Aspect of the Sea for 440 points? 13 wounds, not a monster, LoS also in close combat, 5+ negate any wound, two spells/unbinds per turn, two great auras, retreat before CC attacks. Is there anything besides +4 move and a single spell reroll/1d3 wounds heal justifying double the points/making you feel less stupid for using it? GHB2019 can't come fast enough.
  9. The model? Really cool. The rules? Not for 140 points. It's almost literally deadweight, and worse than 3 Ishlaen in almost any scenario (except being required for the Akhelian Corps). Compare to the rules of the Ironblaster for 120, for example. We got 2 sharks in the Battleforce, anyway. No-one is going to need more than that 😆
  10. I think it's a perfect selection to round up the battleforce. Three battleline with either general (Reavers +2x10 Thralls or 2x10 thralls+6 eels in one unit), two useful Isharann heroes (ok, if you are willing to pick Mor'phann) and a support Shark. Maybe the competitive meta is eels^10 (not really, though. Look at LVO), but for that you have individual eel boxes. GW was never going to release a discount box with just eels.
  11. Hi, if someone bought an Idoneth Deepkin Leviadon for conversions and have the crew and howdah (or only the crew) I would like to buy it. I will pay well (plus shipping to Spain). Thanks!
  12. There is. You lose the Command Ability, so eels will never be as powerful. But they get a more advantageous Tides of Death helping them with battle tempo. How is that not a trade-off?
  13. Is it very competitive? Yeah Is there a big trade-off losing Lord of Tides/Supreme Lord of Tides? I think there is, clearly. I think both are valid approaches with different strengths. AFAIK none of the top-10 IDK lists in LVO 2019 were Reverse Tide Fuethan, this shows how an Akhelian King/Volturnos list can be very competitive.
  14. You know what? You are actually right. Six Morrsar with +3 attacks for each weapon (and reroll 1's from AK) cause 28 wounds against a 4+ save unit on average. Ok, it's not the carnage they would unleash if they had charged (46 wounds), but when are you realistically going to need that much damage? Or as you said, how often will you able to line up such a charge until it's too late to decide the game? It's a shame Lord of Tides is not one of the many "use at the start of the combat phase" Command Abilities, as it would have been very useful to pop it during High Tide if the opponent got first turn. In such situation, when your turn comes and you can use it the unit will have been depleted significantly. Well, it is as it is. There is so much finesse to learn to play IDK right!
  15. Really? Their stats are pretty mediocre without the charge buff.
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