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  1. I think you're processing internet comments as absolute reality a little too much. You should try a tournament before you dismiss it based on biased information.
  2. Yea, I think you've overvalued the ability of getting models into base. The output of a skeleton is 0.25 with no rend. In a large unit it's 0.75. A liberator is 0.67 with no rend. A liberator costs 20. A skeleton is 8. The liberator being effectively 3 times as many wounds as a skeleton and it's hard to weigh that so let's go this approach: If I wanted to kill one liberator (20 points) I need 19 attacks from "bare bones" skeletons. That is effectively 7.6 liberators of points. Those 8 liberators kill 4.2 skeletons (33.7 points). Liberators handily win that contest -- 34 vs 20. Skeletons with two attacks means I need about 10 of them now (80 points). So four liberators will now kill 2.2 Liberators will lose, but only slightly -- 17.7 vs 20. Skeletons with 3 attacks will win handily -- 11 vs 20. If I need 19 skeletons for bell curve average then there is no way i'm taking that configuration. Especially when there is no way they could all be in range.
  3. I'd bet if you did the math you'd find skeletons at 10 to be over costed. Furthermore a unit of 40 will have a hard time getting everything into base contact than two units of 20 hitting different flanks would.
  4. I stand corrected. Been playing too much 40K. My other point still stands. This is a wait and see affair.
  5. Tzaangors don't get better with size. They clearly also selected specific units to receive this benefit. I wouldn't worry about it right now.
  6. That makes no sense either. If you cost them as 3 attacks then they're NEVER worth taking except in giant hordes. And even LESS so when they lose models. If hordes are the counter to meatgrinders like beastclaw then making them more lucrative overall without upsetting the lower end cost could be a win-win if it's handled well.
  7. I don't recall that at all. I do remember people not adapting well to it and calling it a sales tactic, but near the end it was monstrous cav or bust.
  8. New format or change to what values mean perhaps?
  9. GW pretty much satisfied my desires with Disciples. That said I still long for releases, because I totally enjoy the energy it brings to other players. Maybe when they do something with Wood Elves i'll get another army started with the missus.
  10. I'd wager it's a conversion.
  11. This is where my head goes. Some guy is holding this up on a post.
  12. What's to stop people from maxing out on casters and spamming summons? An 8+ is a 42% chance. It should be quite easy to get more than "a couple per game".
  13. SCE has had lots of attention, but their last release was really fantastic model-wise. We can't ignore the awesome job they did on Disciples and Overlords. At least the banner on Twitch changed to AoS themed!
  14. I'll bet most of those books will be like Seraphon - no new models. Some months will be big 40K with a book and models. Some will be big AoS with a 40K snuck in there.
  15. Well, 40K doesn't need to reinvent the wheel. The factions will stay as they are - AoS on the other hand was liberated and we've got some amazing things from it.