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  1. That's how Fantasy was, too though. It sort of makes sense for a GHB2 launch and it solves some problems with some of the current scrolls (if done well).
  2. Wow. GW is giving people who bought 40K codexes within 8 weeks of the announcement a voucher. Grade A stuff, GW.
  3. Ok here's a big one. The new 40K will have two points systems. A power level type points for narrative and a more granular points for matched play. The indicated the 'power level' system is a lot like AoS meaning you're not paying for unit options. This seems to indicate to me a possibility for more granular points in AoS for the future.
  4. Yea that second list seems pretty tame and straightforward.
  5. You may be on to something there, but armies like Bloodbound will always hold that back a bit. Also the bespoke rules for 40K was from GW so count on that.
  6. Looks like half the entrenched 40K community is freaking out about having recently bought books.
  7. He'll be back. They always come back.
  8. They're going to have a starter box with new minis. Check the FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/22/the-new-edition-of-warhammer-40000-your-questions-answered/ This is the way they should have transitioned to AoS. Totally fantastic.
  9. The plot thickens!
  10. You're reaching for the stars on that one!
  11. Ah, ok. Good catch.
  12. Do skeletons come with special weapon options? The back of the box seemed keen on pointing out the ancient sword.
  13. Looks like GW's new web design is up. Looks nice.
  14. Nah that will drop just before the year end in May. But, regardless - get hype!