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  1. I think rather they are all hands on deck for the massive amount of stuff they're doing for 40K right now. Once that is out and has hada month we'll prbobably see GHB2 among other things.
  2. All twitch. Totally worth the listen.
  3. Those Freeguild just look amazing and sell the Skirmish thing on their own like that.
  4. Skirmish stuff up this weekend it seems:
  5. Sayl will get squashed sooner or later.
  6. Yep - snipers will be key and not all characters can hide. We still don't know if they allow multiple saves either.
  7. FYI it sounds like GW is pushing back the June White Dwarf (for everyone) to mid-June to coincide with the 40K release.
  8. Looks very undead to me.
  9. Yea the whole chaos corruption thing - been there...done that. But something similar on the death side? That would be very interesting to see.
  10. Right now? No. It's needed in 40K, because there are so many guns. Remove the ability to target characters like that now and Kunnin' Ruck will be invincible.
  11. I'm thinking it's just a ruleset to get us playing smaller games.
  12. Skirmish on Twitch this Wednesday
  13. Yea we likely won't see an improvement until the next month or two as the contract runs down with the shipping house.
  14. There is a killer "fanatic", too. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/08/more-goblins-on-the-pitch/