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  1. Might be a bigger book. Or they figure with all the other stuff taking away from books they need to price them higher again.
  2. April 8 preorders for KO. Khorne tome is $40 and is on preorder next weekend. Warscroll cards for $25.
  3. I think he's a geiger counter type. Or maybe he collects aether gold, but can shoot it back out if he wants.
  4. Ehh. They have a really enjoyable aesthetic and cool fluff. There were plenty of players prior to their squatting and it isn't very easy to find a whole army on ebay years after they stopped being up for sale.
  5. Yep - i'm already back to working on projects waiting for pre-orders.
  6. Think like Blanche and then go after possessed and constructs.
  7. I don't think he's seeing his skeletal self in the mirror. It looks like a kingly lich to me -- Settra. The middle is Nagash. The two on the right have me puzzled though.
  8. Not "Tomb Kings", but something that falls under Settra is a strong possibility.
  9. I still love them and i'm trying to figure out how to make the jump to them without making Tzeentch (and my wife) mad.
  10. A fair bit of misplaced 40k rage from people haven't used the system.
  11. What are the odds the 40K plague zombies can be used in AOS like Tzaangors?
  12. In other news 40K is getting AOS bravery and movement!