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  1. I guess Durthu is better he hits harder,is tougher and is great in 3 places of power
  2. yeah but Adepticon was hyped by GW - as something huge with lots of news, and we got more news before it (Kharadron, Khorne,Shadowspire) and we got almost nothing at Adepticon - they showed some images of Shadowspire(but it was SE vs Khorne so nothig exciting mini wise) , nothing about AoS and they showed Death Guard for 40k and announcement of rules changes in 40k. Really I know that Aelves were a long shot,but some sneak peak into Kharadron or Khorne BT, news about 40k ? Shwoing some cool models or some concept arts ? Apart from few Death Guard models they showed no models.
  3. Yes but it's was said that city in which there is fighting is located between realms of Light (Tyrion) and Shadow (Malerion)
  4. But didn't he mean yesterday's seminar as tomorrow ?
  5. Oh thanks I was letdown because Adepticon was hyped a lot by GW and apart from showing like Shadespire works they didn't show anything special and they showed very little new minis
  6. Yeah I know Shadowkin announcement was a logn shot but still huge letdown : - no new minis apart from Shadespire but it was SE and Khrone all over again - no other look at Shadespire factions - no info about Overlords,Khorne Battletome ot GH2 - no hints for whats next in Mortal Realms
  7. Maybe she is GW answer to Wonder Woman
  8. Is there any more info from Adepticon coming up ? Because it was a HUGE letdown - Shadespire is ultra cool and will play for sure with my friends or even more. It's mega easy to organise small tournaments and big events. Also minis look sweet - then apart from that - showing few Shadespire minis, there was NOTHING AoS related (ok Warscroll Builder is coming to WH community) no Overlords rules or minis, no new faction, no GH2 info, no sneak peak into Khorne BT, no new minis . I don't care about Wk40k and AoS stuff was huge letdown for me. Is there any chance to get new info from Adepticon or is it all ?
  9. So that's it ? They showed almost nothing ?
  10. So far in Summary (regarding only AoS stuff) - possibility to write comments on Warhammer Community - FAQ platform for questions and voting on rulings - Warscroll Builder comes to WH Community site for free, from May on - they have a demo of Shadespire
  11. It's going to go full circle, she is going to be Slaanesh worshipper and Malerion is against Chaos (now even more as they took his Ulthuan prize) so it will once again go back and forth.
  12. Exactly, and Malekith was always against Choas (unless he wanted to use them as allies to conquer Ulthuan) also he got a little better with End Times, so Shadow Kingdom suits him well as it still could be cruel and dark but not evil per se. I guess some Slaaneshi Aelves could show up in Disciples of Slaasnesh or whatever Slaanesh battletome will be called (1-2 units + one hero + maybe Morathi as Drycha size named leader) that makes more sense then whole Slaaneshi Aelven faction.
  13. And why is that ? With End Times it was established that Malerion is against Chaos and now those Shadowelves are presented in the fluff very Eldar alike they are not evil but interested only in their own agenda. And they don't belong to any other alliance also when they chips are down they will fight against Chaos
  14. Yeah I know, it's just theory right now but I think it's possible that Hunters will go up in price but I guess. I just think that both Tree Revs and Spite-Revs should go down in price just because Sylvaneth doesn't have much flexibility optionwise. I just hope gyus at GW see it. BTW Mirage what do you think about changing Alarielle for TLA with Moonstone of Hidden Ways and Lord of Spites/Gnarled Warrior and Drycha in Dreadwood list that would enable to charge even with 3 units in turn 1, also enables to cast more spells and take better advantage of Drycha-Spites synergy. Also makes it easier to win "Three Places of Power" and losing one of those leaders deosn't hurt that much
  15. Myabe that's why even if they go up in price Sylvaneth will get decrease on some units (Spite and Tree-Revs, TL, branchwraith, maybe Alarielle or on some Battalions) that would make sens. Otherwise that would be huge nerf to Sylvaneth