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  1. 20 Dryads cost 240 I ve used them but in that particular list Id have to drop Hunters. Yeah I know that Greatswords have better damage output but Scythes are more flexible especially considering that Drycha is already amazing against big units.
  2. You can't combine Reaper with Circle as Drycha can't get any magic items. Ok so I've been doing some tests and today played against DoT my list was : Drycha with Squirmlings (Reaping), TLA with Moonstone(Regrowth) and Gnarled Warrior, Branchwych with Ranu's (Verdant Blessing), 2x5 Tree-Revs, 10 Dryads, 4x3 Great Bows Hunters, 1x3 Scythes in Gnarlroot. It worked quite great against Skyfires as I was able to set up 2 additional Woods in my herophase, Drycha demolished big 20 Tzaangors unit, and it was quite hard to catch me we played Blood&Glory and I got minor victory and a lot of kill points. Army is quite mobile once Woods are set up and Drycha along with Moonstone TLA gave me a lot of flexibility. Next up are BCR
  3. Maybe I will try out onr unit of Hunters with Scythes. Put pushing damage in Sylvaneth aint easy. In melee only Durthu and Scythes and Drycha do that well enough so maybe adding one unit of Scythes will do the trick. I feel fine with objectives as for 1500 Drycha and 3 Scythes backed up by rest should be enough.
  4. After some more games I'm not sold on TLA - he is great in Gnarlroot as he becomes quite good caster with 2 spells a turn, but otherwise he isn't mobile, doesn't fight good, doesn't shoot good. He's nice bunker with great Command Ability. I came to conclusion that Drycha works better as she is a threat to big units and is quite mobile. I made this list to try out in few games (it's 1500 with 3 Battelines) Drycha with Squirmlings, Regrowth Branchwych - Gift of Ghyran, Acorn of Ages, Verdant Blessing Branchwych - Treesong. Battleline : 3xTree-Revs Units : 4x3 Kurnoth Hunters with Bows I think it can work with ability to manipulate wyldwoods and a lot of small units that can shoot and move between woods to secure objectives.
  5. Eldar are easy to deal with ? Eldar are amazing and anywhere near easy to deal with. Yeah deal with that Jetbike Spam
  6. Low save, no protection vs mortal wounds and no mortal wounds so far. It depends how expensivr those are as it's quite easy to kill those things.
  7. But so far aren't they glass canon ? Hardly any mortal wounds, low save no save against mortal wounds so far also a lot of 4+ But I guess 2 units will work like magic in Sylvaneth
  8. Also isn't he still trapped inside of stone ? I guess Araloth and Haven and Belakor makes for awesome story arc plus ghosts of Bretonnian Knights
  9. was it confimred that it's gone I guess it was Belakor that seen that haven and Lileath lost connection with it, but it doesn't mean it's gone.
  10. There is any news of Wanderers. I wonder what happened to Araloth and his Elven kingdom.
  11. Cthulu Uglu Aelves are coming thats 3rd sneak peak into them I guess and it all makes sense.
  12. Yeah I guess army will be very expensive I think 2-3 ships, 2 battlelines and some other units + 2-3 leaders.
  13. I guess Durthu is better he hits harder,is tougher and is great in 3 places of power
  14. yeah but Adepticon was hyped by GW - as something huge with lots of news, and we got more news before it (Kharadron, Khorne,Shadowspire) and we got almost nothing at Adepticon - they showed some images of Shadowspire(but it was SE vs Khorne so nothig exciting mini wise) , nothing about AoS and they showed Death Guard for 40k and announcement of rules changes in 40k. Really I know that Aelves were a long shot,but some sneak peak into Kharadron or Khorne BT, news about 40k ? Shwoing some cool models or some concept arts ? Apart from few Death Guard models they showed no models.
  15. Yes but it's was said that city in which there is fighting is located between realms of Light (Tyrion) and Shadow (Malerion)