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  1. The Rumour Thread

    yep but Stormcast are poster boys releasing new Huge Death BT with no minis (as rumored) and then releasing new BT which is Death with new minis woulde be horrible move, especially with some many people waiting for Cthulu Elves (whichj is rumored to have Morathi as some kind of dual kit)
  2. The Rumour Thread

    It doesn't make sens for simple reason, Such faction would be folded into BT Death with new minis to support BT it doesn't make sense to release BT Death and then few months later to release new Death faction especially with BT having abilities,artefacts etc for mixed Death armies.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Aelf Cult of Nagash ? That would be quite bad
  4. Malign Portents

    In recent fluff Malerion/Malekith isn't evil back in older WFB editions he was 100% cruel and evil but ET turned him into some kind of anti-hero. Sure he is still cruel but his sole mission was to save his people and that very Eldar-like. I guess he doesn;'t care about Sigmar unless it fits his agenda and that's cool, he is much more interesting character now then he was in older fluff. The same goes with Teclis he did what needed to be done and gave them a shot at surviving ET the end justifed the means for him to save his people as well. And that's what they have in common (along with Tyrion) doesn't matter if they are more good (Tyrion, Teclis) or bad (Malerion) they care only about their people, that's more interesting that dumb very good vs very bad (DE vs HE) now they are more like Wood Elves or Eldar.
  5. Malign Portents

    Malekith isn't 100% evil anymore and he cares too much about his children to ally with Chaos, doesn't make sense for him to be Chaos as he is closer to Tyrion/Teclis (especially after ET). I guess both Shadow Aelves and Light Aelves won't be good or evil but on their own something similar to Eldar in wh40k they care about themsevles fore and foremost. Works well with their ET fluff and AoS sigmar fluff. Also Malekith during ET was still cruel but was driven to make his children survive, Teclis did more bad things during ET then Malekith. That's what they have in common. Morathi could go both ways - she could be done with Chaos or agent/ally of Chaos.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Yeah as a whole alliance maybe but with well thought rules they could easily make those 3 Death sub factions (in the new BT) as big as any recent releases in terms of options.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    Death minis doesn't make much sense, waht Death need is good rules they have huge range and one of the newest with new rules I think GW wants to push what already has and Death range is fairly new and in line with AoS. I really hope that two Aelves factions is true and makes also much sense for GW with multiway kits give me those Shadow and Light Aelves
  8. The Rumour Thread

    I can easily see two Aelves faction being Light Aelves and Shadow Aelves Shadow Aelves could easily be Cthulu/marine Elves Also there is possibility that they will release kits for both for example a box of infranty that you can assemble as Shadow/Light Aelves, Shadow Aelves could get Malekith/Malerion + Morathi, Light Aelves will get Tyrion/Teclis (as one model or two) quite easy move : - GW will sell minis that could work for both factions add some units they still have for both armies and here you go Shadow Cthulu - Malerion, Morathi, Mistweaver,repacked hero new elite infrantry, new elite cavalery, monster and repacked 1-2 Corsairs/Bleakswords/Witch Elves Light Elves - Tyrion, Teclis, some kind of hero maybe even Mistweaver,repacked hero, new elite infrantry, new elite cavalery, monster and repacked 1-2 of WhiteLions/Pheonix/Pheonix Guards/Eternal Guards/Skycutters that would be 2-4 big kits (Malerion, Morathi, Teclis, Tyrion), new infranty, new cavalery, new monster or ship or whatever, repacked boxes, 2 BT (or even one big BT like Nagash with 2 faction and possibility to field them as one) .
  9. The Rumour Thread

    The problem is that AoS seems to be in a pretty bad shape recently. I guess GH2017 was a big letdown, I think that changed were pretty bad and with no new releases it's bad. Also there is a problem that some armies doesn't have much answer to let's say DoT.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    That's a huge letdown ? All we got was Shadespire Skaven (we already knew they were coming), new logo and lone Chaos Characters after so much teasing ?
  11. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw so I gotI to test Throne of Vines , good luck at the Tournament !! and don't forget to write some kind of summary after
  12. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Glad to know it performs quite well. I'm curious how Throne of Vines perform in Dreadwood. I've never tried it?
  13. Sons of Breton

    They are guarding Alaroth's kindgdom as slave-guardians, if it still exists.
  14. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw Yes there is a problem with Dryads that outside of the wood/some extra save they have very limited ofensive output and die easily , they are perfect at bunkering into objective especially in Wyldwood especially with shield cast on them. Also I didn't play much against those armies - played once again Fyrelasyers and 3 times against Murderhost , and I didn't even know how exactly Fyreslayers worked back then but again those were very close games so both armies are surely beatable I just aaproach them badly as well. yep DoT is a problem but still I think Dreadwood thanks to extra mobility, alpha strike and ability to take objectives fast is out best bet agaisnt DoT other Sylvaneth armies are even worse against DoT. Also sometimes there is huge problem how to approach them - give them first turn and limit abilities to 12'' so they have almost every time empty turn and then go for double turn (especially with unbinding being limited to 12 so you can have a shot at doing some serious damage with Spear shooting, Metamorphosis and Arcane Bolt even in one turn) or to alpha strike them somehow as objective hunting is useless as they will kill your army easily uncontested. Some scenarios help like I mentioned. I like how you can easily win against elite armies also in matches against Sylventh Dreadwood is scary (especially with spites as they lower LD and can do some LD damage) I played Sylvaneth several times and won all quite easily.
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw Regarding Deepwood it depends how you want to approach each game - when I started playing Dreadwood almost every game I was trying to alpha strike with Hunters and Alarielle but after a while I found out that sometimes it's more optimal to use stratagems in a different way. Scorched Earth is good example as it's tough for your opponent to defend all objectives and set up to prevent alpha strike also Alarielle can easily wipe out small-medium size units guarding objectives and Dryads can capture one against majority of armies. And then with Alarielle it's easy to defend your objectives long enough to win comfortably. I guess it's a scenario that I have won every single battle. Duality of Death thanks to stratagems should also be favorable scanrio as its easy to bunker on both objectives easily and hold on long enough. From my exprience Dreadwood enables to put a lot of pressure on your opponent in many ways - ability to alpha strike, taking objectives very quickly with tough to clear units, also sometimes it's profitable to go second with 3rd stratagem. Along with ability to set up at least one extra wood thanks to acorn (or 2 with Verdan'ts Blessing) turn1 there is great deal of mobility right from them start. I played quite a lot with this army so armies it's struggles against 1) DoT - no suprise here, against DoT army loses ability to pressure opponent as sheer mortal damage output form DoT is great pressure, I've played 3 games against Changehost and lost 2 (one major lose and one minor) and won 1. One I won was with me reducing range to 12'' going second and then having double turn. But I guess that in Scorched Earth it's also winnable against DoT as opponent will have tough time to decide between guarding all 3 objectives or preventing successfull alpha strike. And opponent must decide before he know how many stratagems you will have. 2) Horde armies - I lost also 3 games against "top tier" horde armies - Murderhost and Fyreslayers as it's tough to clear all those bodies but didn't play much and all those games were pretty close, as it's only Alarielle to clear hordes and to some degree Hunters. Armies I was comfartable with this army 1) SCE - played against many different SCE armies as they are the most popular army in my area - won all of them. Combination of superior mobility, spellcasting and ability to alpha strike is awesome against SCE as they are not able to capture objectives againt Dreadwood. 2) Elite armies - Death, BCR quite easy to alpha strike their biggest threats, they have hard times with capturing objectives. 3) Seraphon - I played 2 games only but won both comfortably.