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  1. Aftermath of the GT final

    4th place list had for sure : TLA, regular Treelord, 2x30 Dryads, 5 Sisters of Thorn not sure about rest
  2. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I have been using Regrowth as the wyche has Verdant Blessing and she needs regrowth but Throne of vines is also cool idea.
  3. I'd love Alith Anar to come back he was such cool character
  4. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw I guess Alarielle vs TLA+Drycha is upt to personal choice, Mirage even uses Drycha + Wych and Branchwright with regular TL. Drycha + TLA gives you more flexibility but Alarielle gives you awesome unbinding and spellcasting plus she could be nasty, especially to take and hold objectives very fast with extra move from stratagems.
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw I think that most important thing is to choose how to use particular stratagems in particular scenarios, it's not always the best solution to alpha strike, sometimes bunkering on objectives with Dryads or big hero is much better play or going second with 3rd stratagem. Also the alpha strike part is also huge, I remember one game (against strong shooty star drake SCE army) I just hammered Alarielle and 6 Kurnoth into SCE (as they were deployed in one place guarding shooters), I rolled bad for 2nd turn and by turn 3 both Alarielle and Kurnoths were dead but I still won comfortably with objectives. I know that you've used Alarielle with great results but in Dreadwood more often she got to be a hammer , as her healing ability won't be that great as it can target only Hunters and her and she isn't that awesome at that especially with opponent having some kind of -1 to hit. But maybe it's down to the fact that I've usually used that in such way. What I like with Alarielle is that she's kind of swiss-knife army, especially in dreadwood : she gives a lot spellcasting and unbinding, little bit of shooting, can fight and also she can bunker on objectives really fast thanks to stratgems. I was thinking really hard what to take in GH2017 Dreadwood army and I think that 30 Dryads,6 Hunters (but I am keen to playtest greatswords especially with more hordes coming up) and of course 20 Spites is a must, then it's down to leaders. Still I will be playtesting Alarielle ( with Scythes Hunters and another one with Swords) build for whole month, and then maybe will playtest some games with TLA build. As we've talked already I think with Sylvaneth it's quite important in my opinion to have one-drop army and in Gnarlroot there is a lot of points in Battalion that deson't help you right away, Dreadwood can give you bigger or smaller advantage in terms of board control and taking objectives right away which is great. And yeah @Mirage8112 was the first player to came up with Dreadwood and has awesome insight into that kind of list, learned a lot from his posts.
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    So I've played quite a few games with Dreadwood list I was using (Alarielle, Branchwych with Acorn and Verdant's Blessing,30 Dryads,4x5 Spites, 6 Kurnoth Hunters) although I had good results mostly wins I am not happy with Alarielle, when using her as second hammer she was dying quite often and quite easily (sure 3 times I failed to cast Mystic Shield on her but still) I will continue to playtest that list but also came up with something more well rounded : Dreadwood/Outcasts Treelord Ancient - Gnarled Warrior, Moonstone of Hidden Ways, Regrowth Drycha - Squirmlings, Dwellers Below Branchwych - Acorn of Ages, Verdant's Blessing 30 Dryads 4x5 Spite Revenants 6 Kurnoth Hunters TLA command ability is great for Dryads and Hunters, I can deep strike up to 3 units (thanks to Moonstone) but Moonstone gives me ability to do so later on, sure TLA isn't combat monster but is perfect to bunker on some objectives. I got to playtest it a little bit.
  7. Season of war: Firestorm

    Can anybody help me as I can't find it anywhere what is Living City's Allegiance ability ?
  8. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Problem with Sisters is that I alrwady have 20 , all I need to buy is 5 Wild Riders and I am not really keen on buying a lot of Glade Guards as I don't like minis very much. But maybe I can swap sisters for extra 20 GG and 10 EG.
  9. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Ok so I've made this army to have some fun, also as I got majority of minis all I need to buy are Wild Riders any thoughts Waystone Pathfinders Battalion Nomad Prince + Stalker of the Hidden Paths + Viridescent Shawl Spellweaver + Heartwood Staff + Forget-me-knot 3xWaywatcher 20 Eternal Guards 10 Eternal Guards 20 Glade Guards 20 Sisters of the Watch 5 Sisters of the thorn 5 Wild Riders 1980. I guess it looks like a ton of fun
  10. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw I didn't take it that way so it's all good I guess Dreadwood is super fun to play right know as there are many options to build an list around it. I am still thinking hard about Dryads and will playtest other option. In my humble opinion right Dreadwood list can have answer to almost anu other list (of course it will depend on the meta). Dreadwood abilities give extra flexibility and that's what I love about it - I'm think about more strightforward Sylvnaeth army with Dreadwood (TLA, Drycha etc) but especially with Alarielle I don't miss Gnarlroot as I have 4 spells a turn with my army ( or 5 in other variation). @Nico I like that possibility, I guess Dreadwood should fare quite well against DoT, rolling for 3 abilities could be awesome againt them but going second is always good way to go especiaqlly when they can't do anything in turn 1.
  11. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Lhw I played against pretty good players (by my consideration some of them were playing with me since 5th WFB edition) and yes they usually use chaff to shield their key models but what makes Dreadwood stronger is more flexibility. Right know I have mixed feelings about Dryads and as I am considering dropping them. If they bunker their troops somewhere then they are very vulnerable in scenarios with objectives like Starstruck. Also you don't have to alpha strike and can use first turn to bunker on objectives fast and easy Alarielle, Dryads and 6 hunters are pretty tough units to move especially when your opponent was preparing for aloha strike. Extra hero in Branchwych gives you more flexibility in hero centric scenarios as well ( and I will consider dropping wych for Wright with briarseath for that scenarios only but I get to test how important acron) I will test other versions ( extra wych or Wright + more spites instead of Dryads and Drycha instead of Dryads and Branchwych) but I guess it will depend on the meta which one of three works best for me. I just found many times that just a threat of alpha striking your opponent gives you great advantages without even choosing to do so. With GH2 Dreadwood got much stronger overall with extra flexibility and ability to be really tricky with it to mess with how your opponent will approach certain games. As an example - played against SCE my opponent was testing this list so for sure it wasn't optimal ( StarDrake, 9 vanguard Raptors, 6 Aether Wings some Battlines chaff, 3 allied mages, one another SCE priest) he bunkered StarDrake and Raptors in the corner shielded them with chaff. Scenario Staratrike. I charged Hunters and Alarielle into his chaff(I rolled for two abilities) and then secured place in the middle with one objectives. Even tough I lost both Alarielle and Hunters in took him 3 turn, both objectives landed away from his bunker I secured them and it was game over.
  12. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I played few games with my initial Dreadwood list (Alarielle, Wych with Acorn and Verdant Blessing, 30 dryads, 20 Spites, 6 Hunters) it works pretty well so far I've played against SCE, Seraphon, Ironjaws and Death. Won all games I understand reason behind Dryads but it all games they underperformed, they are suspect do Battleshock I'm think about either - drop them and take Drycha - drop them and take extra 10 Spites (2x10 and 2x5 units) and extra wych. but I can see a reason in keeping them in certain scenarios as 5 Spites are very unreliable at taking and defending objectives.
  13. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    yep it's one drop as I got Dreadwood and Outcasts battalions in it.
  14. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Sure list I'm running right know Alarielle + Regrowth Branchwych + Acron of Ages, Verdant's Blessing 4x5 Spite-Revenants 30 Dryads 6 Scythes Hunters but I'm dropping Dryads for sure for extra 10 revenats and another branchwych or for Drycha.
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Many drops is my main concern as well with those kind of lists, less then woods as in first turn I can generate woods through Verdant's Blessing and TLA ability math wise I should set up another wood. That's why I am mainly testing my dreadwood army but got a problem with and any advice would be very appreciated. Initial list was : Alarielle(with Regrowth), Wych (Acorn + verdant Blessing), 4x5 Spites, 30 Dryads, 6 Scythes Hunters but I find Dryads not that great in those numbers, I was thinking about dropping them to take Drycha (but I would need to cut Wych as well I'm 10 points short and give her or Alarielle verdant's blessing) and then I'm left with 70 points I can spend. Drycha gives me great antihorde unit, works well with Spites plus another unit that can move up to 18'' first turn then charge if I roll for 2 effects. Option 2 is also to drop Dryads and take more Reventants - 2x10 units and 2x5 units to use them to control objectives then I can keep Wych and have 110 points spare to take a) extra branchwych (But I don't see many reasons but extra spells are nice and I can give her Dwellers for some antihorde help) b) extra 5 Spites Reventants running 3 units of 10 and one unit of 5 What do you think which options is the best ? Keep Dryads, take Drycha, take extra Revenants with or without extra branchwych (also worthy considering is that all option without dryads make Triumph more likely)