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  1. Yes indeed you have! I will be arranging all relevant refunds over the course of the weekend.
  2. Yes James, you just got bumped off the reserves list along with Andy Talbot, welcome aboard chaps, please make full settlement payment ASAP please guys.
  3. I'm gutted too mate, next year it is...
  4. Afternoon guys and gals... So Midnight tonight is the deadline for final ticket payments (£43.00). Can you all please make sure that the payment is send (as detailed in the pack). I'd hate to have to chase players....
  5. So the supply has ended I have now completely sold out of all Gork and Mork dice I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the Megaboss' out there who supported me and bought them. I am contemplating doing a re-run and possibly changing the colour combination. If I were to do so I could what colour combination would you be interested in? Also I could remove the work "Gork" and "Mork" from each dice and make the skull bigger, or even have "Destruction" circling the skull? If you are interested or have any thought let me know, if the demand is there I will do a re-run. Thanks again for all your support. WAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH Mitzy
  6. Sorry bro they are all gone One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  7. Yes you can buy the final 20 just follow the instructions in the first post on page 1 dice paid for this week will be posted today at 4pm BST One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  8. Hi there, yes I still have 60 dice left available (that's six sets of 10 as per the description in the first post). I can ship worldwide so pay as per the instructions and I'll post them out. Cheers Mitzy One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  9. Resurrecting this post from the ashes of time forgotten.... the Meatmen of Mitzmanheim have been featured on the GW Warhammer Community site today alongside Ming's Shrinemistress and company. The photos were taken by GW when I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days behind the scenes at Warhammer World with the other NEOs. I'm really pleased with how they came out [emoji16]. The feature also includes a look in to the history behind the Meatmen. Check out the blog post here: Enjoy! One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  10. Ok boys and girls. the pack is here check out the first post go download yourself a copy now! This instant..... What are you still doing here! GO GO GOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Sorry @Chris Tomlin i totally missed your request for help! Call myself a Megaboss... So my Gore Grunta banner came straight from the Ork Warboss plastic kit (I think I have one spare if you need one - just hit me up). I used a Jagged gore hacker blade as the top of the banner pole so it kinda looks like it is one with a flag fixed to it.
  12. So I have today shipped another two batches of dice out... @Chunk will soon be the proud owner of the dice and also the record for the furthest travelled Gork & Mork dice when they arrive in Evandale South Australia (that's a mere 10,070 miles!) Enjoy guys! Oh and that means that there are just 60 dice remaining... Grab them while you can.
  13. Excellent.... you will also be the proud holder of the record for furthest travelled Gork & Mork dice... Can you please DM me your postal address (you missed it off the PayPal notes ) One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  14. There may be.... no promises at this stage keep your eyes on the thread One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  15. Yes there are 100 left they have to be bought in sets of 10 (see 1st page of this thread) Get your order in ASAP. One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])