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  1. RAW17 - Critique

    Evening All, If you are anything like me you are feeling pretty blue right about now... After a year of planning RAW17 - Leviathans is over. Jimbo, Ming, Steve and myself just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the event and made it such a rip-roaring weekend. We litterally couldn't have asked for a better bunch of players to have made it to the event. You all literally made the weekend for us. We have emailed you all and would ask that you all complete the short sharp survey to help us make RAW18 even better still. But should you wish to add anything else please do so here. Cheers Mitzy on behalf of EatMingsFoote
  2. And here is a brief "How to Play" video courtesy of Mr Steve Foote:
  3. Rules for the MONSTROUS ARENA are now added to the first page of this thread. ALSO GET YOUR FOOD ORDER IN ASAP PLEASE!!!
  4. Just a little heads up guys, you will all have received an email yesterday from our great leader @Thornshield the email came from info@realmsatwar.co.uk PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNKMAIL/SPAM FILTERS. We do need you all to complete the survey in the email ASAP. The countdown is on guys, we have less than three weeks to go!
  5. you obviuosly didn't listen to the RAW17 episode of The Black Sun podcast where we discussed this with @Chris Tomlin the deadline for your Hunter/Army background story is the 13th October. GET WRITING.....
  6. Boom we have a new sign up, Paul Rollason (The Warlords) has joined the crew with 4 weeks YES THAT'S JUST FOUR weeks to go!
  7. Cheers Sean and message received load and clear, over and out
  8. PLAYERS WANTED: We have 6 player spaces available now as another of our rank has dropped out! If you know anyone who is interested in getting in on the RAW action please let them know and ask them to drop us a line. It would be great to have all 48 places filled!
  9. Cheers for this Chris, I can also confirm that the updated script is now on the 1st post in this thread.
  10. Pack updated for your reading pleasure. Script 3 is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ko69nx2baj4o82r/raw draft script3.pdf?dl=0
  11. Afternoon Guys and Gals, I have some places that have become available due to some recent drop outs. If you want in on the action let me know ASAP. Cheers Mitzy
  12. Email has been sent to you all this morning chaps, we have used the PayPal one you paid with. Please add info@realmsatwar.co.uk to your email whitelist so our emails don't go in to your spam box. If you didn't get an email please let me know. Cheers Mitzy One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  13. Dom Pemberton your email address has bounced, can you PM me please? One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])
  14. No....... [emoji12] One quarter of the RAW NEO's (some say, the most handsome [emoji6])