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  1. My poor choice of wording didn't help matters.
  2. We don't force anyone to do anything. I used the wrong word in my communication. If any of our members are up at the store and a person requests a game but has smaller bases or squares, we inform them that we are practicing for tournaments. That usually resolves the entire issue most of the time (but not all the time, which is how I posted this and found out I was mistaken in that matched play does not enforce a standard that I thought it did). No one is being sneered at or having any uncivil discourse. If our goal is to get as good at tournaments as we can and that means our practice games are tournament prep games, compromise would mean that we are playing the game in a way that we would not be at a tournament, which is not why we are playing in the first place. I want all of my games to be meaningful to me which means if I'm just goofing off and not playing a game that is reflective of the competitive meta, that I am not having a meaningful time and don't want to participate.
  3. Well... if someone new wants to join in our games, they will be told that they are more than welcome provided they don't mind following tournament standard rules and basing as all of our games are tournament practice games and we need our games at the store that we are involved in to reflect the tournament meta and rules. Because our group is set up as a tournament group that competes at the highest levels. If players want to use whatever base they want to use, thats also fine, but they should find a narrative group to play in where they'll have more fun. No one is going to say anything negative toward them or cause any drama.
  4. To be clear, no one is putting a gun to peoples' heads and making them do anything. If you have a group that requires standard bases, people that want to play in that group will need to conform to that expectation. If your group required a full backstory for their army to play in that group then yeah... that'd be what someone that wants to play in that group would have to do if they wanted to play in that group. Our expectation is that a standard set forth by tournaments will be used in our games. My personal preference is that I want to play the rules as written and have the rules as written enforce those standards.
  5. I don't see it as grotesque. This is the only game I play where we can have people using different sized bases, which in essence changes the rules of the game everytime you play it. I thought there was a clause in the basing guidelines that stated that in matched play you had to have the official base size, which is why I asked the question in the first place. You can't have a competitive game and also allow people to change the statline of their models however they want by using different bases. I suppose if they are playing against someone that doesn't mind that their game isn't really playing by the standards set forth by the community then thats perfectly fine, I just don't understand how this kind of thing is supported by the rules. Its like playing magic and in the rules you can legally take a marker to the card and change the statline and then use it or playing chess and letting pieces do different things then the normal rules let them, but it makes trying to standardize and play by the same set of rules almost impossible. People houserule games all the time. I think thats what narrative and open play are for. I just don't understand why the rules can't enforce a standard base in MATCHED PLAY. People that don't want to rebase - thats perfectly reasonable. But I don't think thats reasonable in MATCHED PLAY which should be about standard rules and balance.
  6. Letting someone play with bloodletters on 25mm bases is the same as also just letting them have an arbitrary +1 attack on their profile because you can get more of them into base contact and they get more attacks. Its not good for a competitive game where you can arbitrarily give bonuses to the statline, in this case because they are on smaller bases and can claim they came with those bases or something. How do you prove otherwise? You can't! But now they can get a bonus number of attacks! This idea of pretending you are on bigger bases also doesn't fly, because that can be abused. They would still be getting bonus attacks because invisible bases are not precise. Tournaments better for sure honor the base sizes given and make people rebase or put their models on correct bases. The only problem that I have other than tournaments is my practice games. We have to force people to rebase or not play them so that our games are as close to the tournament games as possible, and I don't like that because technically its not part of the rules. But it should be so that we don't have to force people to do anything... the rules should already be written to force them to do it.
  7. Ugh I hope they change this soon. Being able to base your models on whatever you want is definitely not good for the game.
  8. I was under the impression that the base size chart was required rules for matched play, but I'm hearing that its optional and that people can still base whatever they want and that the base size chart is only a guideline? I thought that the base size chart was optional for open or narrative play but required in matched play? We have a player that won't rebase his smaller bases on the 32s because he says the rules don't say that he has to (and we all only play matched play)
  9. Dead Scribe

    [CombatSimulator] Would you use this App?

    This is a good training piece. There are several in existence right now if you know where to look. This is something everyone that wants to step up their game should be able to do in their head though so something to work toward.
  10. This is true! So I use their models instead lol
  11. 1) Is it legal for my army to use it 2) does it improve how powerful my army is and will it help me be viably competitive at the highest levels of play. I don't care about the rest. What it does in the stories or what it looks like is not a concern of mine. I'd be happy to play with wooden pogs.
  12. Dead Scribe

    Realm-Specific Artefacts Rundown?

    Tournaments have been running their own balanced version of the games for quite a while now so... yes I hope tournament leaders do make sure they keep the game balanced and keep most of the extra random layers off of tournament games.
  13. Dead Scribe

    Realm-Specific Artefacts Rundown?

    They are matched play legal. The question is will they be standard event legal?
  14. Every game played at the highest level today and for the past decade involve dice or card draws. Its about how you mitigate the random nature of the game thats important. Layers upon layers of random rules make that difficult and then all we have is a game where the winner was the one who rolled luckiest. Thats not a competitive game in my opinion.
  15. I'm not interested in trying to recreate a war. I'm interested in a competitive game that offers a competitive experience between two people where the player that builds the better list and plays the better game wins through their own agency. A game where a scenario robs a player of his agency by making his list not as good or by randomly harming or helping a side is not a very competitive experience. The context we are discussing is tournament play. If people like that kind of thing where they are trying to recreate a war, I think that's great. Just not in tournaments. Otherwise they aren't really tournaments in my opinion, they are events where the luckiest player is crowned the winner.