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  1. AoS Wish For 2018

    A death-themed expansion for Warhammer Quest.
  2. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Cool. I placed my order for some!
  3. Question about Renown

    That's what I assumed as well, although it seems a shame that someone who falls just short of a new skill starts over.
  4. Question about Renown

    Sounds good. Thanks for the response!
  5. Question about Renown

    And while I'm here, does anyone know off hand what the scale is for WQ? 32mm squares?
  6. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Sorry for the poor quality photo, but we finished out battle with the Gaunt Summoner the other day. We went in with mostly full health and got a very lucky roll on the fate dice (no doubles). This allowed us to pretty much steam roll the summoner. Although the Knight Questor did his best to extend the combat by whiffing on 5 out of 6 attacks...
  7. Question about Renown

    Do renown points carry over from trial to trial? Or are they lost?
  8. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Huh. Not in the US or NZ yet. I'll check them out on the UK site though.
  9. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Hmm... they were supposed to be available for pre-order today, but I don't see them yet.
  10. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Yup. And it gives more ideas to take for other projects.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    We've seen the new herald models for chaos and death. That leaves order and destruction. Some kind of Sylvaneth character? A fancy savage orruk with feathers? That looks like a peacock feather to me...
  12. What drew you to collect your Army

    Warhammer Silver Tower. I liked the idea of a chaos sorcerer who could summon a whole army to fight for him. And the models are cool.
  13. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Nice. I'll add that to my shopping list.
  14. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    I finished the Herald this morning: And here is the army so far:
  15. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Here he is, along with the heroes who want to stop him. All set to finish the game tomorrow.