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  1. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    That's why I always loved Gnoblars. Round out any list with a few more Gnobbies!
  2. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    We played the next game in the campaign today. The heroes tracked the vampire to his lair. The undead creature was protected by his army of skeletons and a wight king as well as a horde of rats. The Paladin and Dwarf Lord broke off to take on the wight and some skellies, while one of the Slayers dove into the rat swarms. The vampire attacked the other heroes. It was a bloody fight, but they defeated him. However, he turned to mist a drifted back into the castle. With the vampire gone, the Slayers could double-team the rats. In the end, the heroes know the only way to defeat the Vampire for good would be to go into the castle and find his tomb.
  3. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    In the bright, hopeful future there is only peace. (TM)
  4. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    Actually, I wrote to GW asking that they do just that. There is too much violence in the world already, and games like Warhammer only encourage it. The game should be about negotiating treaties and settling disputes peacefully. I even proposed a title to them: Age of Sigmar: an Age of Peace and Prosperity.
  5. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    Sorry! I think my 8-year-old--who plays Silver Tower with me--would love this sort of thing. 😄
  6. What do you all think? Would the Aeldari Webway Portal work okay as a Baleful Relmgate?
  7. Sharkbelly

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    I have a 1 m x 2 m dining table, so I ordered the blasted hallowheart board and some terrain. I plan to use half of it sometimes for small games or Warhammer Quest.
  8. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    Correct! I think I still have them somewhere...
  9. Sharkbelly

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    I have the 30" x 72" tables myself. Four of them and two grass mats make a nice 4' x 12' gaming table large enough for almost any battle.
  10. Sharkbelly

    Hammerhal with 6 heroes

    That's a very interesting idea!
  11. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    Or cardboard buildings in Fantasy. 🙂
  12. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    The Warhammer Fest blob also showed some 2-level Azyrite Ruins. I wonder if they might be included in the box...
  13. Sharkbelly

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Miniwars.eu is running this information as well.
  14. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    ...and here is the Darkoath Chieftain:
  15. Sharkbelly

    The Rumour Thread

    Am I remembering right? Squigs are cultivated from mushrooms?