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  1. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    Tzaangors are done! For now. There is a lot of detail on these guys, and I am experiencing a little bit of fatigue with them...
  2. Sharkbelly

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    Sounds pretty cool!
  3. Sharkbelly


    True enough! Those spiked rings look nasty.
  4. Sharkbelly


    I'm thinking about using these ladies in place of Wrathmongers:
  5. I'm really digging some of the new blood bowl cheerleaders that have just been introduced. I could see these ladies filling out a Destruction army: And I could see these ladies chucking their blades at the enemy in a Daemon or Daughters of Khaine army: These ones I'm not so sure about, though:
  6. Sharkbelly

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    Care to share them? 😄
  7. Sharkbelly

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    Not yet! Very little AoS, to be honest.
  8. Has anyone tried--or even looked at--the siege rules from the core book yet? What did you think?
  9. Agreed! Their usefulness compared to their cost is very high. I too hope they follow up with Death and/or Destruction adversaries as well. So far, GW seems to be making a lot of good decisions. Here's hoping this is one of them.
  10. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    Stuff is starting to come together, though. Here is the Blasted Hallowheart board (or at least 1/4 of it):
  11. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    Yeah... I haven't put the giant metal cage together yet. I have a feeling that will require more...
  12. Sharkbelly

    Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    The terrain projects continue. I finally got around to putting the Numinous Occulum together. It only took a little bit of green stuff to close the gap...
  13. Sharkbelly

    Custom Exotic Adversaries (Looking for Feedback)

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing.