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  1. Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower

    Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it. Here is my exalted flamer.
  2. I always used the Steam Tank rules for my landship. As I recall, the actual rules for it were a little underwhelming. How about rules for these guys?
  3. new tiles

    One thing I did was pick up some of the tiles from the other GW board games, especially the 40K ones. They can often be found fairly cheap on ebay.
  4. new tiles

    Nice work! It looks great.
  5. Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    The rest of the band is now finished.
  6. Lately I've been putting together a party of adventurers out of classic old models, so I've been buying a bunch of secondhand stuff. Typically unpainted though. I just found these fellows:
  7. NEW death model - thoughts?

    Same here.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Gonna get this guy for sure.
  9. Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    I finished up a couple of older, classic models to add to Bertrand and his band.
  10. I am starting a brand new thread for my Warhammer Quest related stuff. I have both Silver Tower and Hammerhal, and a few extras as well. I hope to get them all painted up over the course of this school year. I decided to start with the Brimstone Horrors.
  11. Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    Here are some Spelljammer-esque minis that I have been working on: Githyanki Rogue Cleric Oriental Sorcerer
  12. Sharkbelly's AoS Projects

    Here is the finished party:
  13. WIP Deathrattle Graveyard

    Wow! Great work.
  14. Scaling back Sale!

    Still have that Arachnarok?