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About this blog

Once upon a time, I had a podcast called Noobhammer. R.I.P. So now I'm going to try my hand at blogging because I like having creative outlets. Come see my progress in the Age of Sigmar and hear the tales of epic battle whether they be glorious in their victory or magnanimous in defeat.

Entries in this blog


So we're getting to crunch time. I got a pair of practice games in at my club last Thursday, Stormcast vs Stormcast. My takeaways from this was that positioning is super important and mortal wounds are the primary way to take down Stormcast. Having no real way to negate that, I suppose killing their mortal wound units is the only option. Best defense is a good offense and so on and so on. Lost game one when I didn't kill my opponent's Celestant with his whippy cloak, won game two when I used my whippy cloak and Relictor to kill his Celestant before he got to combat. I also used my prosecutors to tie down His Knight Azyros to avoid the mortal wound bomb.Hopefully I can remember this on Saturday.

As for progress, I had a marathon session Friday and got the base armor color on all the remaining models, finished my first five Liberators and got basing material on the last five judicators. I followed that up by doing five more liberators today. Here's the finished models.IMG_0688.JPGIMG_0690.JPG

So here's the total of what I've got left to paint before Saturday, minus the Liberators.IMG_0689.JPG

Today's Goal:  IMG_0691.JPG

I feel I've hit a stride with these. Now that the colors are chosen and the methods of achieving them are understood, progress is moving forward at an excellent clip. I could see having my entire collection done in two weeks. Granted, All I have left after these is a Celestant on Dracoth, a Heraldor, three Retributors and three Prosecutors. I will attempt to take pictures of my games to do a full battle report. Stay tuned for more.


So not a lot of time to type this week. I've been slowly adding elements to rank and file, but then halfway through today I found myself unable to put down the Lord Castellant. He and his Gryph-hound are up to tabletop standard. I also bought myself a Winsor and Newton Series 7 #1 brush. God, what a difference. I started using that and a Royal Langnickel at the same time and the Langnickel is just about shot. The winsor looks new. To be fair, I am treating it with utmost care. Alright, I'll go more in depth next week, but here are some shiny new pictures of the 5 models that are ready to rock out of the 33 I'm looking to get finished by June 18th. I have my work cut out for me, but I'm pleased with all the elements of the color scheme. I think I've even gotten an Idea of how I'll finish the prosecutor wings, so look for those next week.



So not a whole lot to show in pictures this week, but I believe that much has been accomplished. My list, as updated after the release of the rules pack, contains 33 models in total. 3 of them are complete, I spent much time getting sand glued to the rest of the bases, bar the 4 Judicators who still need base coated. Damn this constant rainy weather. I've been following the colors that GW has been using for the basing, as well as army painter tufts, which I think really help the bases pop. The only difference is that I do not yet own the color Zandri Dust so I've just been using Steel Legion Drab as the base coat. Comes out looking fairly similar, I'm quite pleased. So much so, that I did the same for my scratch-built terrain. I finished both pieces, here's some pics.


For this coming week, I'm going to focus on the Lord Castellant, his Gryph-Hound, the 4 remaining liberators from my first squad and three javelin wielding Prosecutors. This will complete the twenty points required for round one. I will try to work through my list as it will unfold through the tournament, thereby allowing me to work on finishing the last five Judicators and the Venator, the final 15 points of my army, in between rounds as the points escalate. If you want to know what I'm talking about, here is a link to the rules.

Check back next week for more progress.


'Ere We Go

So here we are in the Age of Sigmar. I must admit, to my shame, I was one of the first to denounce this change. I railed against the lack of points, I decried the aesthetic of space marines creeping into my fantasy world and I openly mocked the 4 pages of rules. I played zero games before I said these things. Then I read the scrolls. Yes, the silly rules involving talking to vampires, raising a goblet to the lady and gazing deeply into your opponents eyes may have been upsetting, but the layers of intricacy that the scrolls added intrigued me. I played two rounds of a game with High Elves (Aelfs) and an Orc & Goblin (Orruk) army and immediately loved it. A Giant (Gargant) ate my Pheonix Guard, (still Pheonix Guard) some Lion Chariots went rampant and Tyrion ran about shooting things with his fiery sword. It was chaotic and silly and ridiculously fun, but the store closed an hour earlier than we thought and we had to pack it in. Even though it was only two turns, I spent the next month trying to convince my regular group to join me in this brave new endeavor, but alas they had been seduced away by another game that still had points and square bases. Now I have to travel to the next county to get a game in despite living five minutes from a great gaming store. No bitterness here, though, I'm glad that my old gaming group from Lancaster were willing to embrace the game because they are some of the best people in the local gaming scene. Besides, the long drive gives me ample time to listen to AOS podcasts and the excellent audio dramas that Black Library have produced.

Hobbywise, the shift has really ignited my hobby ADD. Earlier today, I had Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Elves, Death, Bloodbound and Stormcast spread across my hobby desk, two tables and atop some large tupperware boxes. Paint bottles were strewn about, broken shards of square bases everywhere I looked and the baleful remains of neglected brushes seemed to stare accusingly every time I tried to paint. So today, I reached a breaking point. I decided to come up with a plan, clean up my space and started this here blog to keep myself moving. So. June 18th, my club is hosting a narrative event/tourney. The points will escalate from a 20 point SCGT to 60 over 5 games. The rough draft for round one is that starting heroes are capped at 5 points, units must be 6 or less and no duplicate units. Kinda restrictive for Stormcast, but that's the intent. I figure for 60 points my goal is to paint the list I've been running at that level. It includes a Lord Celestant on Dracoth as the general, a Lord Castellant, A knight Venator, 10 Liberators, 5 Judicators, 6 Prosecutors, 5 Paladin Protectors and a Gryph-Hound. So until the rules are finalized, those are the only models on my painting table. 4 weeks to get those painted to completion. Once that is done, I'm focusing on my terrain collection as the club has asked to borrow it for the event. Luckily, a number of models have paint on them, so I have a bit of a headstart. Here's a look at the paint scheme, going for the Knight's Excelsior. The last chapter of the Godbeasts book made me fall in love with this stormhost. "The Hallowed Knights wept to see what had become of the realm they had come to save, while the Knights Excelsior looked upon the destruction they had wrought and saw that it was good." I have two packs of the upgrade sprue waiting for me at my local hobby store.


Quick note on terrain, I was listening to Vince Venturella's Warhammer Weekly Youtube show from April 13th with the terrain tutor. Good episode if you want some inspiration for terrain making. The terrain tutor was talking about building terrain on used discs, so when I found a scratched one in the random detritus of my desk I thought I'd try my hand. I  have the Witchfate Tor model and it comes with a bunch of spare wall sections. I grabbed those and some spare bits and made myself two more interesting pieces of ruins to use in my games. Here are some WIP shots. One is on a disc, the other is built on a spare piece of plasticard. Going to need more layers of sand to cover up the bases that some of the pieces are attached to, but I think these will make some cool scratch built terrain pieces when I'm finished. That's it for this week, check back Monday for an update of my progress over the weekend.


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