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About this blog

Ongoing unlocking of AoS since release (see Mc1gamer on Youtube)

Entries in this blog


Swifthawk Agents - Not all competitive lists are from new releases

Swifthawk Agents and the battalion scroll Guardians of Dawnspire provide a VERY mobile and shooty force that can compete on the very similarly to how old school woods elves did in 8th edition WHFB. They can move in, shoot barages of arrows, wither down your opponents forces to where your close combat units can stand a better chance to measure up, and get out of range for counterattack or even counter shooting. They can move to objectives mid-late game and potentially steal scenarios. Not extremely resilient, but with movement, shooting and great volume in ranged attacks, they can make up for their deficiencies and compete with top tier lists. See the video here. Let me know your thoughts.     




Gutbuster-centric Destruction list does surprisingly well

So in continuing the trend to highlight how legacy warscrolls are still quite viable, I built a rather nice combination of destruction, focused around the Gutbusters. While there is a Thundertusk from the Beastclaw Raiders included (just one!!), that warscroll was part of the Ogre Kingdoms in 8th before being broken out for the newly updated sub-faction when they got their own battletome, and is still part of the overall Destruction general alliance. Likewise, mixed in are some segments from the Moonclan Grots, for variety, some nice mechanics and also for larger units size options to contest objectives. I plan to mix things up a bit and take this to an upcoming one day event in my area, and have tested it on the table in a few games of late. I was pretty surprised at how not only mobile the army is, but also how resilent it is. Its able to absorb damage pretty well, certainly can dish it out, and is reasonably able to compete in all phases of the game. The list provides a nice array of options, and isn't a one trick pony. While I'm sure it would struggle against Disciples of Tzeentch (what doesn't??), I think it would do reasonably well against Sylvaneth, most Stormcast builds and dish out enough damage against FEC to delete most of their units before they could regen their numbers. Against the new Khorne, I'm sure it would be a bloody affair but I imagine it would be a fun one to try out and I look foward to testing that. Again, while not likely an event winner, older players with armies pre-AoS can make a good game of it, and with a few tweaks and uses of the Allegiance abilities, could contend. Here's the link to the video. I hope you enjoy!   



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