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Swifthawk Agents - Not all competitive lists are from new releases



Swifthawk Agents and the battalion scroll Guardians of Dawnspire provide a VERY mobile and shooty force that can compete on the very similarly to how old school woods elves did in 8th edition WHFB. They can move in, shoot barages of arrows, wither down your opponents forces to where your close combat units can stand a better chance to measure up, and get out of range for counterattack or even counter shooting. They can move to objectives mid-late game and potentially steal scenarios. Not extremely resilient, but with movement, shooting and great volume in ranged attacks, they can make up for their deficiencies and compete with top tier lists. See the video here. Let me know your thoughts. 



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Great review.  I grabbed the High Aelf portion of this with a friend.

Love the models but haven't painted or played them yet.

I added an additional 5 Reavers to them and plan on not using the battalion.

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On those lists, why would you split the reavers evenly? Seems like you should put 15 in one, 5 in the other. That way you can get 45 shots with the battalion ability instead of 30. Seems it would be better to split the spireguard for battleline. 

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I'm not sure this can compete competitively, although without a doubt it's hugely manouverable and a lot of fun in friendly games. I've been using Eldritch Council and Swifthawk elements with stormcast for a while and it's a lot of fun but a very long way from top tier - you dance around the enemy but you don't wear them down either. And anything ranged will take you out quickly.

You've no real access to multiple damage or healing, and the swordmasters have the best save at 4+. 

Oddly, for a ranged evasion faction the command abilities seem to be built around exactly what you don't want to be doing which is getting you into combat.

I'm a long, long way from being a good player and I'd love to see a top tier player have a proper go with them - I'd love to be wrong! I just don't think it punches hard enough.

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Maybe using Swifthawk agents as the base and then mixing other order units it could be boosted.  Obviously a hurricanum, but maybe a few more mages like the Loremaster to boost a model, then another mage to cast mystic shield  while the archmage uses elemental shield? Or other units

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I think the most effective Swifthawk list you could run at 2000 would be as follows:

Allegiance: Order

High Warden (220)
Skywarden (160)
- Zephyr Trident
Skywarden (160)
- Zephyr Trident
Archmage (120) (General)

20 x Reavers (640)
5 x Reavers (160)
5 x Reavers (160)
10 x Spireguard (120)
- Swifthawk Agents Battleline
10 x Swordmasters (200)
- Eldritch Council Battleline

Guardians of the Dawnspire (40)

Total: 1980/2000

You would run a fast mounted ranged deathstar consisting of the 20 reaver unit, the two skywardens, mounted archmage and use all the foot troops and the high warden to attack enemy shooting and delay enemy charges. This unit can theoretically put out 120 shots per turn at 4's to hit and 2's to wound resulting in an average of 50 wounds caused per turn in shooting. With the mage bubble and inspiring presence it won't die incredibly easy. Where it falls apart is, if they make their saves, or just hunker down in cover by an objective, you're just going to be standing at length shooting while they win the game just sitting there not dying fast enough. 

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