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  1. Platserna gick åt fort men det går bra att skriva upp sig som reserv
  2. Krigsluntan arrangerar en mindre 2 dagars turnering i Stockholm på alphaspel. Vi kommer denna gång inte att fokusera på det strikt kompetativa utan ta inspiration från warhammerworlds throne of skulls events vilket innebär att hälften av poängen för att vinna turneringen kommer genereras av softscores. Dvs sports, cool army, painting, spelupplevelse etc. Så gräv upp dom där enheterna och arméerna du inte velat spela i strikt kompetativa format och kom å rulla lite tärning å garva när krigsluntan tar på tjocka handskarna denna turnering! Just nu är det fullt men det går bra att signa upp sig som reserv! Rulespack kommer Anmälda: 1. Mange 2. Bubba 3. Jonte 4. Johan Börjeson 5. Björn Malmborgkvist 6. Martin Axen 7. Daniel Martinell 8. Alexander Warsson 9. Albin kellquist 10. Pontus krontoft 11. Craig Turner 12. Dennis Brännvall 13. Thomas christiansen 14. Lars Lindholm 15. Fredrik Hartzell 16. Mattias Hartzell 17. Fredrik Olausson 18. Jesper Nordquist 19. Vilhelm Stokstad 20. Fredde Andersson 21. Henrik Fridström 22. Alfred Granberg 23. Erik Sundberg 24. Ulf Erling 25. Sebastian Isheden 26. Lillen Svensson Reservlista: Jesper Melander
  3. Tillgång till 26 platser så i skrivande stund har vi fem platser kvar!
  4. Nobody will a problem comunicating in english. and as Craig is saying, join the Swedish FB groups. We communicate in Swedish but we’ll help you find the tournament info you need in English. The rulespacks we write for the tournaments in Stockholm is in English. Unsure about the others, I’m fluent in both Swedish and English so I haven’t thought about it to be honest. Anyway that wouldn’t be a problem since we’d happily translate them for you.
  5. Oj! Ja precis. Kopierade bara texten från Facebook eventet. Hälften av platserna kvar. Säkra plats genom att swisha.
  6. Krigsluntan arrangerar en mindre 2 dagars turnering i Stockholm på alphaspel. 5 matcher 2000 poäng. Anmälan sker genom att swisha 250kr till 0702372345 och skriva sitt namn. Endast 26 platser så först till kvarn gäller! Rules pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yWY6PSeCbriBbNeys7ylVoJq4iEtvPJq/view Anmälda: 1. Mange 2. Bubba 3. Pontus Krontoft 4. Johan Börjeson 5. Andreas Johansson 6. Henrik Fridström 7. Jan Boije 8. Dennis Brännvall 9. Lillen Svensson 10. Alexander Warsson 11. Marcus Hagberg 12. Thomas Christiansen 13. Craig Turner 14. Ulf Erling 15. Erik Sundberg 16. Simon Selberg 17. Alfred Granberg 18. Folke Bofors 19. Robin Slätt 20. Fredde Andersson 21. Arvid snö 22. Jesper Nordquist 23. Andreas Raland 24. 25. 26.
  7. Has Anyone made Cards for the spells and prayers akin to the ones floating around for death and chaos?
  8. I Have a build in my head. lord of Change gaunt summoner curseling 30 tzaangors 10 pink horrors spell portal then either another 30 tzangors, 30 warriors or 9 enlightend
  9. Unless TO`s inkluderad sidemissons or something that is the system.
  10. It plays pretty much as it reads. Acolytes were also used as bubblewrap or screen depending on scenario and opponent. I did alright. Game 1. A lovely north Irish gentleman who’s name escapes me. played a 9 scythehunter, allarielle dreadwood. he charged in the hunters in my tzaangors, killed about 10 I think. My round they struck in the hero phase and I mortal wound spelled allarie of the table and then poured everything else into the hunters. Won the priority roll after and we pretty much called it at that point. game 2. Daren Watson’s 4 engine slann list. He summoned like 9 rippers and charged tzaangors. I knew it was hopeless but nevertheless top guy and still great game game 3 . Byrons Mixed order with 2 birds and allarielle. Made a big big mistake with my tzaangors. Had a whole in his skink screen and could’ve charged his unbuffed birds an allarielle. Realized my mistake when I was piling in. It cost me the game. game 4. Paul Whitehead’s seraphon. Kroak, 2 engines and a 12 ripper drop bomb. He took first turn and dropped on my tzaangors and slaughtered them all. Curseling effectively shut down kroak. My turn I killed the rippers and most of his skinks. Got the double and could hunt down the rest of his army. Got to say that although all my games wore good this was the tightest and the one I enjoyed the most . game 5. Gutbuster Irishman. This was probably the most mismatched game. We both knew he got thrown under the bus and took one for the team as there was no reasonable chance of his army beating mine. We made the most of it and had a laugh. My takeaways - the balewind was underused. I think I used it only once. I kept the cursling and the LoC together at the spellportal instead. -Pre-tournament we had no thoughts on dropping The LoC. With the portal he is very, very destructive still, without a spellportal maybe not auto-include but he won me two of the games almost singlehandedly. -I see summoning more as a bonus rather than something I count on happening. Over the course of five games I summoned a total of 20 blue horrors and a herald. -skyfires are not that good. 3 could possibly be used to snipe or at least threat characters but they need the shaman close by and that adds up to 400 points. Not worth it. If the mortal wound would trigger on a unmodified 6 I’d consider them again. - enlightened on the other hand feels amazing. Could see myself run a unit of 9 in tandem with 30 tzaangors.. on the other hand 9 enlightened is the same price as 30 tzaangors.. - coven was great. I mostly took it for the extra artifact, command point and to reduce my drops. The pile in and attack rarely got used as they’re so good that they almost wipe out everything before it comes into play.
  11. Här kan ni lyssna på lite svammel om turneringen oxå
  12. Synd att det krockar med lincon?
  13. Nurgle kharadron overlords death seraphon stormcast
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