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  1. Hi Guy, The first episode of our podcast it out now covering our first Kill Team game in our "Infestation of Brarvis K56" campaign You can find it on itunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/brothers-grimdark/id1436705013?mt=2) or all other podcvast app by searching for "Brothers Grimdark" Please check it out and let me know any feedback
  2. The podcast is now on iTunes and all other podcast apps, follow the link below or just search for "Brothers Grimdark" https://t.co/qhKtivhLKQ - iTunes
  3. Hi guys, my brother and myself have started a new 40k and AoS podcast which will focus on the narrative and hobby progress of our campaigns (going from Kill team to a full 2000 point army), sort of like a collaborative journal. We have just released the first episode (well intro episode discussing the podcast) and thought we would share it with others. Hopefully you get something out of it The ultimate aim is to get us to finish painting armies as well as inspire others to join along. All social links and podcast feed info is in the post, and question or feedback let me know https://brothersgrimdark.podbean.com/e/episode-zero-1537357921/
  4. Butch was my second choice but hearing this I think I might go with one.
  5. Hi Guys, Just a quick question, which wizards are best to ally in for Beastclaw Raiders? In my head, I have either a Firebelly, a Butcher or a fungoid cave shaman. I worry the shaman might be a bit squishy compared to ogors so I think it might make an easy target. This will be in a 1000 pt list for now btw, want to mess around with some of the new endless spells Thanks, Luke
  6. Anyone have a release date of the battletome yet from White Dwarf? I've seen a few people on Twitter say they have WD today.
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