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  1. It makes sense to target the whales I guess. It was just exciting for a moment that it was a possibility we might be able to replicate the massive battles experienced in total war without it taking up my entire house. Just sad it's gonna be another small skirmish game with giant models that are hard to transport.il keep hoping for a small remaster of warmaster :')
  2. Absolutely devastated TOW isn't warmaster scale hype instantly dead for me personally
  3. Yes Mousillon was the plan! I'm looking forwards to learning why everyone hates painting yellow 😢 i have to admit the Vengorian lord is the thing I'm finding hardest to figure out a decent conversion for !
  4. Thanks, this is really detailed and I appreciate it! Il check out the general forum and hopefully find a list that checks enough of my conversion ideas, which is going to be awkward as I really want to convert both a corpse Cart and skeletons and I'm pretty sure having both zombies and skeletons is inefficient!
  5. Hi, so my lifelong dream army was a converted undead brettonian force but I never had the finances for a large aos army until recently. Luckily I have had a large amount of Brettonian bits and terribly painted models stored for atleast 15 years and now seems the time to get chopping and green stuffing and bring my dream to life..( unlife) my problem is I have no idea how to actually start list wise , I've no plans to play in tournaments but I'd enjoy a list capable of winning and have purchased some blood knights to start me off, could anyone recommend a list or some units to help me build a decent and thematic list? Sorry for the essay, any replies are greatly appreciated
  6. I have been so So hype for chaos dwarves for so long but I have to point out grimdark live had a ' source ' tell them chaos dwarves were coming soon a year ago and it didn't happen! Hopefully they are on a roll after the Dominion leak
  7. They are called the Furnace Kings' in AOS
  8. Grimnir is dead and dwarves above all respect their ancestors. It's foolish to believe they wouldn't answer a call to war from Grungni no matter what grudges they have built up, plus I'm sure Grungni could offer them plenty of ur gold. Don't understand the weird gatekeeping and massive reaction to dwarves being combined into one battletome. There is literally nothing stopping you from still running a Fyreslayers lodge or a Kharadron fleet. The comparison that the different dwarves are akin to lumineth and sylvaneth is absolutely ridiculous, those are two different and distinct species who both just happen to serve a God who used to be an elf. The kharadron, dispossessed and Fyreslayers are all the same species who have drifted apart since their gods died/vanished. They are far closer to different lumineth temples that don't play nice with eachother very often than they are two completely different races. Also think a combined battletome increases the chance of more dwarf models more than it reduces it too, Fyreslayers especially are a design dead end. Do you guys even convert anyhow? Wouldn't be hard to convert Fyreslayer sky pirates or drunken kharadron berserkers if you wanted things to be more aesthetically similar for whatever reason
  9. I don't think we will be getting grot air pirates, I think the Skaven version mentioned in kharadron lore are much more likely and would be fair more interesting personally
  10. I'd be all over the Dwarves being combined as an army personally, even better with some new ' basic' dwarves thrown in! I love the idea of Fyreslayers and KO's as units but honestly think they are too samey to be interesting as a solo army ( particularly Fyreslayers, those models really aren't that far off being identical from eachother and slayers as a horde instead of elite just never sat right with me).
  11. Do what you want! I dont really care! You asked if there was confirmation so I told you what I saw, I see someone also posted a screenshot. You can cling to your old book but its retired whether you like it or not. Doesn't make a difference if you play with reasonable friends.
  12. Yes. Someone asked Warhammer Community and they replied ' I can confirm this is a replacement of the legion of nagash battletome' Or something to that effect
  13. Legion of nagash is gone, Soulblight is the new legion of nagash
  14. Hmm where did that rumour come from then? Seemed to spring up at the same time. I found it hard to pay attention to their first video to be honest because one guy kept excitedly yelling over the guy trying to give the information so it's possible I was mistaken
  15. Grimdark live also claimed Brettonian Stormcast and we got an angel, a terminator with a tiny head and a Greco-Roman phalanx so I have my doubts with anything they say to be honest. To claim something Is brettonianesque surely implies horses and heraldry
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