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  1. As of now I'm working on the overall theme for my army... But as it's a small town historically known for their candlemakers, it probably won't be as grand as yours... But who knows? There have been rumors of golems, men and halflings fighting side by side, fanning the flame of rebellion, standing up to the soulstealers of the mortal realms... đŸ’Ș
  2. Great read! Thank you for sharing Think I have to step it up a bit with my own regiment now....
  3. Passar pÄ att anmÀla bror min ocksÄ: Markus Takanen ÀnmÀler sig
  4. Jakob Takanen anmÀler sig.
  5. Heya, totally missed this part of the forum! I'm Jakob, a player from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been playing AoS since release and is generally on a constant hunt for inspiration when it comes to creating armies with a firm foundation in the narrative while not being completely smashed (haven't succeeded yet though...)..
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