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  1. Fair point, sounds like Runelords won't be able to dispel endless spells though Wizards can dispel them instead of casting a spell but it's not possible for a non-wizard. That Knight-Incantor sounds like a decent wizard to ally, has a dispel scroll so it helps with the Dispossessed "theme" of anti-magic. I know endless spells aren't the be-all end-all they were hyped to be but we can't leave a purple sun rampaging through the Duardin lines with no answer!
  2. So a Dispossessed Runelord can't dispel endless spells? :( That's really disappointing!
  3. I adjusted the Steam Tank to a 120x92 rather than a 105x70, I'm currently building a couple and it's impossible to measure to the front of the base because the amount of overhang from the front of the tank. I thought 120x92 would look a little silly but when you sit the model on it, it pretty much matches the length of the tank perfectly.
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