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  1. Thoughts on this 1k list? Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine Temple: Draichi Ganeth Leaders Hag Queen Artefact: Iron Circlet Prayer: Catechism of Murder Bloodwrack Medusa General Trait: Terrifying Beauty Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor Battleline 20 x Blood Sisters 30 x Witch Aelves - Pairs of Sacrificial Knives Total: 950 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 81
  2. Dirt Rey


    Also depends on who you are facing. An undead army with huge units will ignore flutterflies but will be hammered by squirmling.
  3. Highlight was having a maw crusher land a charge and wipe 20 dryads on his turn one, then melting him with mortal wounds the next turn.
  4. So having played a few games now with this list with good results. Against any assult based army this list did very well. Just let them charge into the forests and stack all the mortal wounds. The only game I lost was against a dwarf gunline. Not having to move towards me cost me a lot as I could not out shoot them. Forced to advance on them and got picked apart.
  5. There is a sylveneth warGrove that lets you set up and do moves for a few units post setup but pre first turn. Redeploy 1 unit anywhere at least 6 inches from an enemy model, move 3 units, restrict enemy ranges abilities to 12'' for turn one.
  6. Let's you move towards a single target opponent model or terrain peice in the hero phase as if it was the movement phase. Cannot run. Can a person use this to use the Root travel skills of the sylveneth?
  7. Everqueen 620 20 Dryads 240 10 Dryads 120 980 points
  8. Dirt Rey

    450 pts sylvaneth

    Yeah the TLA command ability is any unit within 10'' rerolls saves of 1. Also TLA makes a wyldwood every turn on a 4+. Easy to stay near a forest.
  9. Dirt Rey

    450 pts sylvaneth

    TLA with gift of gyrhan and oaken armor. 2+ armor, rerolling failed saves of 1, and regains d3 wounds a turn. Very hard to kill at 450 points.
  10. Yeah the 1500 is counting those 10 dryads at 120, just a typo in the list.
  11. Can you take the same item more than once in an army? Can they both take the circlet?
  12. I was thinking her more for tree singing. Being able to reliably move forests around and push units on top of having them do wounds. Surfing a unit of dryads up the board 2d6 inches then moving then charging can hit gun lines ect very quickly. Also using it to move my treelords away from any risky charges. Though that extra large bubble is definitely something to think about.
  13. True but I figure 6 spells a turn is enough, also like sticking to my alliance even if it is aloud.
  14. Get 1 to begin with, one for household and one for Gnarlroot.
  15. Looking at a defensive magic army. Treelord Ancient 300 Treelord Ancient 300 Branchwych 100 5x Tree Revenants 100 20x Dryads 240 20x Dryads 240 10x Dryads 120 Household 20 Gnarlroot 80 Total: 1500 Idea would be 2 Ancients stand beside each other to double up on their knockdown minus 1 to hit. One with oaken armour and the other with the silver circlet. The oaken armour one has regrowth and the circlet one has the Reaping. Dryads in forests flanking them. With the reroll 1s command trait a buffed dryad unit has a 2+ rerolling save. Branch wraith has the lementri for pluses to cast and tree singing. Small dryad unit and revenants for picking off crews or solo heros also objective holding. With many AoE mortal wound spells and effects the idea is to just survive wile the other army bleeds to death. Models: 58. Wounds: 84 Spells per hero phase: 6. Thoughts?
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