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  1. Hanskrampf
    The two latest releases for the Battletomes are here.
    I couldn't find a high resolution of the cover art, normally GW or the artist itself uploads it somewhere. Not this time, though
    I'll keep looking and will update once I'm able to find them, so it can match the Battletome cover 1:1
    And as a note: I restructured the Hungy/Not hungry Battle Trait of the Mawtribes. Now it immediately tells you what condition 1 is and what bonus you get for this, then the same for condition 2 (instead of condition 1/condition 2, bonus for condition 1/bonus for condition 2)
  2. Hanskrampf
    I also took the time to review the cards in the Core Set.
    It now contains the common Command Abilities (Core & Matched Play), Common Spells, Triumphs (Core & Matched Play), Scenery (Core & Matched Play), extra Command Point, and a table for rolling a Realm of Battle . I removed a lot of cards of Open and Narrative Play (they will return in other sets eventually). I think this will make it a lot more attractive for the player base.
  3. Hanskrampf
    Skaven are done.
    And I realized that I forgot to put up a Blog uzpdate for the Gloomspite Gitz, so I'll link them too.
    If you're waiting for Flesh-Eater Courts, a workable version will follow today. A minor update for them follows as soon as I get hold of a high res picture of the battletome cover artwork.
    And of course, updates in a few weeks when the release errata drop.
  4. Hanskrampf
    Well, not so big FAQ.
    Regardless, I update the handfull of cards that were affected.
    If you already printed them, best either reprint the specific sheet or the single card from the "Print" file (e.g. duplex print: 1, 5 [Cover, specific card page number])

    Updated cards:
    - Ironjawz: 2018-12-18: Big FAQ 2018/2: "Mighty Destroyers"
    - Ghyran: 2018-12-18: Big FAQ 2018/2: "Spell: Mirrorpool"
    - Ulgu: 2018-12-18: Big FAQ 2018/2: "Realmscape Features: Shadow Realms"
    - Artefacts of the Realms: 2018-12-18: Big FAQ 2018/2: "Ghyran: Artefact: Jade Diadem", "Ulgu: Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak", "Ulgu: Artefact: Talisman of the Watcher"
    Have fun.
  5. Hanskrampf
    So... I don't know how, but somehow it slipped my mind that the GHB 2018 contained more stuff I wanted to do in card form than just the allegiance abilities.
    I needed someone from here to PM me if I could do something like the cards in the Warlord Edition.
    My first thought was... "I already included everything in the Core Set, didn't I?"
    I didn't.

    So here's part 1 for the GHB:

    I'm trying something new with the boxes, they are now one piece, tuck boxes and fit on a single page. The downside: you have to glue it at the side and bottom. Score the fold lines before cutting the box out, I added marks to assist you. The front also needs to be cut along the lines and folded through the AoS logo, so it's more accessible. There are tiny white dots on the side, 10mm down from the top of the cover.

    Let me know if you guys like this box style more (or less).
  6. Hanskrampf
    I wasn't happy with the Summoning cards I made for Nurgle initially, but was lacking any inspiration.
    With AoS 2.0 and the flood rewroked Summoning abilities, I made cards, because getting the abilities updated was time consuming enough.
    As I'm reworking the old cards into the new layout (see Realms of Battle, Core Set and Artefacts of the Realms as of right now), and the old cards are still up to date, I can take some time.
    So here's the first mockup for the general style and functionality (see attachment for download).

    Fix them together with a rivet, a spare X-Wing dial rivet or these clips (no idea how they are called, we use them in Germany for cheap delivery (no glue, post office needs to be able to open the envelopes):

  7. Hanskrampf
    So I finally finished up the remaining cards: the Realms of Battle.
    These card packs include the rules from the Core Book and the additional spells from Malign Sorcery.
    So you never have to flip through 2 books again while playing.
    Oh, and these are the first cards with the new and improved layout! I hope you like them.
    Have fun.
  8. Hanskrampf
    As AoS 2.0 had a change of art direction, I was thinking about how I could change up the layout and design of the cards to better fit into this new age.
    I think the card backsides with the battletome covers are fine, so I left that alone.
    I took some elements from the Core Book and took inspiration from the 40k datacards.
    So here is the first draft:


  9. Hanskrampf
    Updated all cards (Battletomes for Nighthaunt and SCE will follow soon) according to the Core Book, General's Handbook 2018 and Errata
    Have fun!
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