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Summoning Point Dials

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I wasn't happy with the Summoning cards I made for Nurgle initially, but was lacking any inspiration.

With AoS 2.0 and the flood rewroked Summoning abilities, I made cards, because getting the abilities updated was time consuming enough.

As I'm reworking the old cards into the new layout (see Realms of Battle, Core Set and Artefacts of the Realms as of right now), and the old cards are still up to date, I can take some time.


So here's the first mockup for the general style and functionality (see attachment for download).



Fix them together with a rivet, a spare X-Wing dial rivet or these clips (no idea how they are called, we use them in Germany for cheap delivery (no glue, post office needs to be able to open the envelopes):


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