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Narrative Play: Special Rules




So... I don't know how, but somehow it slipped my mind that the GHB 2018 contained more stuff I wanted to do in card form than just the allegiance abilities.
I needed someone from here to PM me if I could do something like the cards in the Warlord Edition.
My first thought was... "I already included everything in the Core Set, didn't I?"
I didn't.

So here's part 1 for the GHB:


I'm trying something new with the boxes, they are now one piece, tuck boxes and fit on a single page. The downside: you have to glue it at the side and bottom. Score the fold lines before cutting the box out, I added marks to assist you. The front also needs to be cut along the lines and folded through the AoS logo, so it's more accessible. There are tiny white dots on the side, 10mm down from the top of the cover.

Let me know if you guys like this box style more (or less).


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