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  1. Obscureblade

    The Fleet of Bones

    Thank you for your comments! I feel so sorry I couldn't answer before. @excalibur the whole idea of this army comes from the original zombie pirates of the Vampire Coast army on the WD during Lustria's campaign. I was really amazed with the theme and the awesome conversions, and when in AoS I saw the rules for the Wraith Fleet i fell in love again. With the release of the idoneth shipwreck I knew that the moment has come 😆😆 @Izotzuhure I'd love to see your pirate army when it's finished!!! @Kisufisu I had the same idea too! I had in mind a Blight Cyst of the Drowned Men, armed with pistols instead of death heads! The algae/seaweed/thingie is indead colored caribou moss. I bought mine through greenstuffworld. @Thundercake sadly I can't recall the model. It's a cheap toy ship from a dollar store. If you're planning to do something similar you should check the Revell's pirate ghost ship (code 05433) and the Penn Plax action-air shirpwreck ornament. I'm afraid to inform you people that the Fleet of Bones has shipwrecked. I'm in the UK right now and all my models are at home in Spain. But I'm willing to continue with this project, as I still need to summon lots of zombie and skeletons pirates, and found a way to fit some units with the theme (I have some ideas for the vargheists, but it's still in the air...) Keep sailing and see you soon!
  2. Obscureblade

    The Fleet of Bones

    In life, Isaiah Letzel was the miserly quartermaster of the sturdy Ydrargyreid at the Beryllium Sea. In death, he is the eternal guardian of the souls captured by the Fleet of Bones. Isaiah now commands the spectral figure of the old ship, suitably renamed the Wraithdagger, and he claims the very souls of his enemies as a macabre booty, kept in the dead man's chest located at the guts of the ship. His scummy courses are lost in the myriad of screams and mourns of the cloud of tormented spirits that swarm the ship constantly, preventing it of any harm: they know that the destruction of the dead man's chest would mean the utterly destruction of their last anchor to the Mortal Realms, and their fall into the void.
  3. Obscureblade

    The Fleet of Bones

    Thanks for the comments! I see that you guys liked the ghost sea horses a lot. At first I thought that the cheap plastic tails would look plainly weird and out of place, but once painted the minis they blended really nicely with the horses. Phew! @Black Waltz the banshee model is just one of the Coven Throne vampires with a daemonette head. Yes, the kit comes with three banshees, but I'm planning to add those to the bloodseeker palanquin and my future mortis engine. Talking about the palanquin, it's finished! I still had no background for the vampire lady, but I can tell you that she logs where the best blood samples are in a vast map that's always with her. (As I lack of such painting skill, the map as painted by lanadanollora in instagram, maybe you've seen his nurgle circus army in warhammer community)
  4. Obscureblade

    The Fleet of Bones

    I planned to use the flying ship as a terrorgheist (thus called The Black Shriek), but a lot of people told me that doing so would be... well, weird. Now I'm thinking in use some proper monster as the terro (maybe a kharybdiss or an idoneth turtle), and the ship as a coven throne or bloodseeker palanquin. My first idea for the palanquin was a conversion that implyied the spirit host of a mortis engine and a dark eldar raider as the vampire's pleasure barge. It turned out terrible and was discarded. But I liked the vampire conversion. Just as Orval Vesh wants to be a mortarch like Mannfred, I made a generic vampire using the body of Neferata. So what do you think of this?
  5. Obscureblade

    The Fleet of Bones

    The mist! They came from the mist! That sickening green mist emerged from the shore, and they came for us. We who bear the black spot, we are doomed. Hello! First post here, I'd like to introduce myself with a project i've been thinking around since the experimental list of the Vampire Coast, and now with the rules from the Wraithfleet (or the surprisingly similar Legion of Night) and the release of the idoneth shipwreck I knew that the moment has come. Orval Vesh is the supreme admiral of the Fleet of Bones and self-proclaimed Mortarch of the Deeps, a deathlord wannabe whose greed is only overcome by his ego. He even "assembled" his own dread abyssal, Dagonys, out of the corpses of some of the greatest creatures from the seas of the realms, like the deepmare of Cerinthgaile, athelian queen of Fuethán, or the two headed lurkinarth that hunted the deeps near the Coast of Tusks. The fleet keeps growing with the corpse cart (corpse boat?), a drowned banshee and a necromancer: a soulscryer who thought he could negotiate with the undead pirates in exchange for new souls for his idoneth soldiers. Now his own soul is trapped in the dead man chest and he is a slave of the pirates, helping the fleet in pursuing the souls of the very idoneth he swore to protect.