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  1. Looking for comments on this list for a GT coming up. I was running WOK but decided to go Sayl and pick up another 20 Bloodletters for 4 30 blocks. This list isn't final, but looking for people's thoughts. The GT will be running GHB missions.
  2. Bought my ticket! This event is going to be great. I' am still hyped from Adepticon and looking forward to hanging out in Nashville with everyone coming down! Blood for the blood god!!!
  3. I've been planning for a a tournament and was curious if anyone has had good luck with a solid tactic or unit that helps against them. So far I have just found chaff to be my best friend.
  4. I am currently making a clan skurvy army for 2017. I will also be making a skaven ship for my display board. I need help with a name for my ship!!!
  5. Anyone seen any army list from Blood and Glory?
  6. I am currently practicing with my club for Adept a con, and we are trying to figure out what would be a good counter to Kunnin rukk for chaos besides trying for double turn. Any suggestions? Only thing I found is trying to snipe the hero turn one , with warplocks or Sayl.
  7. 240 - 1 GUO w/choas tailsman 100 - 1 Hearld 100 - 1 Hearld (lord of war) 300 - 3 Plaguebears 660 - 9 Plague Drones 320 - 2 Warp Lighting Cannons 140 - 1 Jazzails The idea is to Tallyband tarpit use heard with lord of war with Jazzails to have them mortal wound on 5 or 6. Lighting cannon everything else. Just wanted to see other people opinion on the list. I don't know who I am playing or scearnio.
  8. I am currently playing Nurgle and enjoying, but looking to start my next army. I like how Nurgle is a solid option against most armies. I was first interested in the VLoZD with legion because it's seems similar or Nurgle style but I like the aggressiveness FEC/Tomb Kings has.
  9. I am looking to start building a Death army, but need help what to build. I have seen tomb kings combo, FEC , and vamp lords with legion of death. Those seem like the top builds from what I've been reading. I think....Death seems pretty streamlined into a theme/faction. I am just curious what is most solid choice?
  10. I've been a big fan of the list from Alliance tournament: 480 - 2 GUO 880 - 12 Plague Drones (2 units) 200 - 20 Plague bearers 100 - 10 Plague beaerers 100 - 10 Plague beaerers 100 - 1 Hearld 100 - 1 Tallyband formation 1960 Total Sideboard opts have been: -1 heard , -2 Drones , + epidemius , + 2 plague claws or - 1 GUO, -1 Drones , + Morbex, + 3 X Nurglings Or - 1 GUO , -2 Drones , + Fate weaver, + 2 warp lighting cannons still working on other options depending on which army I am playing.
  11. I haven't used the prince yet. May give it a spin. Could switch the deamon prince for lord on mount (Nurgle) can't fly but can move 10in. And upgrade nurglings to plaguebearers.
  12. Nvm forgot you need archon to do that. So what about dropping the prince and nurglings for GUO and split the drones up to hit the requirements?
  13. What about dropping the prince for a harbinger of decay so Glotkin has a inv save and use the extra 20 pts to upgrade the nurglings to plague bearers. Make the glotkin and the drones a hammer unit with the harbinger (nurgle deamon hero). Could spilt the drones up and have two 20 man plague bearers also.
  14. I am trying to find an effective way to play the Glotkin with Tallyband of Nurgle in a 2k list. Any suggestions ?
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