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Well of Eternity

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  1. 1 hour ago, Kugane said:

    What did you use for the effect? Green stuff? :) Looks really well done btw.

    Nope, I used Baking Soda and Microbeads (from waterfilter) - I mixed them with paint (Vallejo Heavy Skin Tone as a base for flesh) and then I used lots of shades and glazes to colour this up. I will try to make some step-by-step guide.

  2. Dryads


    2 hours ago, Barimbino said:

    These bases are truly amazing, I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into them.

    Indeed ;) They took me forever to finish but they are worthy of that time. For me bases are very important part of the models so... i still improve them and looking for new materials. Thanks for your comment!

  3. 2 hours ago, Barimbino said:

    I feel if you ever saw this guy in the woods all you would see his this blue scythe swinging towards you. Amazing work, GJ!

    Thanks! This is the effect i wanted to achieve ;) I just love this guys - they are awesome on board (with scythes, greatbows are nice too but much more unpredictable) and they look badass.

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