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  1. I don’t care what people are saying, looking at this art i just feel that mordheim is coming to aos. Yes, yes!
  2. feels like a missed opportunity if they dont do anything more out of it. Especially considering how popular Mordheim is in the mind of so many.
  3. Is this teasing a new Mordheimish setting for warcry?
  4. Any date for when this new season will come?
  5. Everyone here talking about the new minis, while I'm just sitting here exited for what new terrain will come in the starter set.
  6. A home made steam tank made from junk and based on Leonardo Da Vincis tank, rolling along my dawnbringer crusaders
  7. I would Love to see something happening that makes Sigmar into a wandering god akin to Odin, bestowing blessings amd boons on battles and warriors he happens on.
  8. Hi fellow Lumineth. Nice pants! Maybe i join your warband?
  9. I’m guessing it a gush of water for som river lumineth.
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