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  1. As someone who just started with the faction - the preview did seem kinda lacklustre, but hopefully there is more to come... I have I've glued 40 out of 60 aelves now - 30 sisters and 10 witches - but I figured I'd ask here before I commit further. Would it be beneficial to go 30 of each and go say bucklers for sisters and daggers for the witches? Or should I go 40/20 so that I could field Slaughter Troupe potentially? Just want to go with the option that I'm least likely to regret for the immediate future - seems like everything is used to some extent, but I've not been able to find many recent DoK lists. I'll probably end up with more elves later but first I will hold out hope that I can go buy a bunch more snakes instead because they are a lot cooler heh.
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