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  1. Jamie

    Going over points ?

    So this would be OK? Despite that this is the old archaon? Ive had people say I can't use him, although he shares ever keyword with the new archaon, 'apart from Everchosen' plus I get to take an extra 3 Varanguard which is good, so the large unit of 6 will be re rolling all hits and wounds and on a 2+ 3+ on the charge that means I'll wound most of the time so I don't mind
  2. Jamie

    Going over points ?

    But the way I see it is why should I have to drop the battalion ? It would mean I'm 100 points under, so 100 points under or 20 over, it seems more fair to be 20 over right ?
  3. Jamie

    Going over points ?

    Yeah that's what's confused me, I think most people are ok with it, but wanted to see some peoples opinions, if not ill replace big archaon and use the 360 point version and an extra 3 Varanguard which fit into the 2000 limit
  4. Jamie

    Going over points ?

    Is this allowed ? I remember most people being ok with people going over the point limit in fantasy, by around 10%, do the same rules apply ?
  5. I usually measure from the model so that shouldn't be an issue, I feel they would look amazing, I think I'll go ahead and mount them on these, thinking of creating a marshy/boggy effect with rotten bodies make it look as horrific as possible
  6. So I want to base my Varanguard soon but I'm struggling with ideas, I found an amazing set by 'secret weapon' who have done bases called corpse fields (see picture) I feel these would look amazing with the Varanguard and give a back story, the last remnants of a people trying to flee their butchery, for example, the problem is Varanguard are on 90mm oval bases, the closes thing secret weapon do is 80mm round and 120mm oval bases, would it be a problem for me to mount them on these ?
  7. Hello I have a number of bits from the Varanguard kits, swords, hammers and various other weapons (no spears) all head options, unfortunately no shields or horse parts looking for both helmets from the chaos chariot kit, the lords helmets, or any other head options for chaos champions or Herod ect, something big enough to fit the Varanguard i live in Glasgow so would be easier to swap at the store but I posting is an option as long as it's in the uk
  8. Jamie

    Arming the Varanguard

    Yeah the Everchosen is archaon and his elite circles of Knights, with archaon present the Varanguard become Battleline so you can make a very fluffy elite guard for archaon, but I suppose they do fit into chaos undivded double misfire that is a good point I may arm them like that, the spears are very powerful though, would falling back and charging again work against slow armies when the Knights get bogged down as they'll never fail a battleshock
  9. What weapons do people feel are best for the knight of ruin ? I now have a two boxes ready to get started I think swords are out of the question, despite looking amazing they fall short and have the chance to wound the knight who swing the hit ensorcelled weapons are better with 6 attacks and -1 rend, they seem very reliable But the spears have caught my attention, with 3 attacks at -1 rend and 2 damage, they turn scary on the charge with 3 attacks at 2+ to hit (if archaon is on the board) 3+ if not, 3+ to wound, -2 rend and 2 damage, not to mention that with 'relentless killer' they can pile in and attack again once per game, which you'd obviously chose on the turn they charge, but then again that comes with all weapons what do you guys think is the best choice
  10. The stormcast don't have a particularly good bravery considering how their described in all the books, do wonder want happens to them if they run away since when they die their taken back to the celestial realm so I'm guessing they have to run back
  11. The one on foot is good for smaller games, his ability is great, but I've seen the mounted Lord take on a unit of 10 bloodwarriors, all with extra attacks and he smashed through them in two combat phases taking only one wound in return, before battering the blood secrator, there was some unlucky rice rolling on part of the chaos player but still he really is a tank
  12. I thought to just drown them in numbers but that list makes sense, does it suffer with no combat Lord ?
  13. A plan to build a small Stormcast force with the Celestial Vindicators scheme, I intend to build a 2000 point list later but to get games out I will start with this Leaders Celestant on foot - 100 Lord Relictor - 80 Battleline Retributors x5 -220 Liberators x10 - 200 Liberators x10 - 200 Liberators x10 - 200 Total - 1000 My plan is to create a large shield wall with the 30 Liberators and have my Celestant in the middle to make use of the command ability, the Retributors will act as a small 'hammer' unit and move around the shield wall, the Relictor will simply use healing storm and move forward if anything breaks through
  14. Basically which army have of you played against or seen the most of, I want to start an army but don't really want one in which I'll have to play against
  15. Jamie


    I would slightly disagree with their points being being too much because of their fellspears, if Archaon is on the board their hitting with a 2+, on the charge they wound with a 3+ and a 2- rend with 2 damage, and if I use the battalion ability and mark a unit for death they re roll both hits and wounds and if I armed the unit of 6 with fellspears they can pump out 18 attacks with the ability to attack twice once per game so if I charge a big tanky unit I could attack 34 times in one round, not a lot would survive that
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