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  1. Yeah, Sorceress is definitely better with other Darkling Coven options, i just added her because of the survivability of the army... But I'm not sure any of the Dark Aelves can substitute Shadow Warriors when it comes the board presence and universality... You're also right with Ironbreakers and Runelord, I just got carried away with how good can even 10 Hammerers with Warden King be. They will wreck almost anything. But only if they attack first of course, as they're more of a glass canon and slow one on top of that... Maybe ditch the aelf hero and get a Soulscream bridge?
  2. Hello, so I mostly play 40K (and Kill Team, Warcry, WHU...) but there's a growing number of AoS players in our local community. A lot of them are saying 1K points is actually really cool in AoS - very dynamic and fun. Now I do play Warcry and WHU a lot but the idea that I can field combine forces of humans, aelves and dwarves sounds really cool to me. Also, I don't think I will have a chance to play Freeguild in Warcry (in the end, why would they go to the Eightpoints, they're just defending their cities...). I put together an army list which is by no means competitive, just for fun and there was only one condition: it had to contain all three races! Hammerhal Freeguild General Battlemage 10 Greatswords 20 Handgunners Warden King 10 Hammerers Sorceress 10 Shadow Warriors That's 1000 points I just need it to be functional and don't want to get wrecked every game. Handgunners, when properly buffed, can hit and wound on 2+, Greatswords are great bodyguards and should defend/ counterattack anything that threatens the Handgunners. Hammerers with Warden King and his Grudge can really hit hard... The obvious weakness is low survivability - everything has only one wound a no better than 4+ save... I could mitigate that a little bit with my two mages - their combined forces equals -2 to hit rolls for the enemy which should help... As for Shadow Warrior, they should just help me with better board presence and control... What do you think?
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