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  1. Welp after a few weeks i went all in, got a 5 brutes. warchanter/ and megaboss on mawcrusher form ebay. and x2SC boxes/shaman/tomb new, I think i went all in for my first real army and all thanks to you guys, thanks for all the help guys!
  2. All of this is really helpful guys, I think I’m going to go with ironjawz, and even though the models aren’t as great looking to me as BoK I think there a better fit for me.
  3. Hey guys, I'm new here, quick back story, I found AOS from painting minis for fun/dnd. Saw stormcast and bought a SC box and some random other units. Went to my first game thinking SCE these big heavily armored guys, well i got crushed(one because i didnt know how to play very well, 2 because i went full melee in a 1k game with SCE...). Anyway as much as i like the look of SCE models i have no desire to play with a mainly range focus army. I returned the battleforce box i had and and going to go Mortal Blades of khorne or ironjawz. for a new player Ironjawz seem like a breeze to start collecting with the limited range of models and most being useful, BOK seems like a ton of fun to play with all the area unit buffs ect, and the army itself looks super fun to paint. Who would you recommend and hwy for a noob! thanks guys
  4. Im currently down to the last bits of what army to choose, its between mortal khorne and ironjawz, i wanted to play a pretty much melee focused army, but both armies fit the build, im currently torn, khorne (has the look i like to paint) ,ironjawz have the simplicity of play, and especially easy to start collecting from 0. If you were going to start from 0 models for a mortal khorne army, how would you go? I was thinking 1 SC box, 1 chaos warrior box, 20-40 rievers sourced from ebay, and then start adding heros, maybe some skullcrushers, maybe a bloodthirster? thank you all in advance for your help.
  5. gotcha, do the sc boxes come with 2sbgield per 5/1 drummer option/5? i havent looked at the sprus i dont have them yet.
  6. So i have my 2 sc boxes coming in this week, should i build my ardboys with shield? is that more Meta at the moment and lose out on an attack?
  7. One last thing, i saw somwhere on here people are now shying away from BRUTES, what recently changed that made people shy away form them? just straight point cost compaired to ardboys? they are still battleline on my app it says which is what i thought was the recent issue.
  8. thanks for the info, this sounds exactly like the army i was looking for so im very happy i started doing research post buying the SCE ****** lol.(not that its ****** its just not how id like to play).
  9. thanks for all the great info guys!
  10. thanks everyone for the info, im sending back my sce battleforce box today so that will be enough for 2 sc boxes of IJ, and then ill add a megaboss on foot for now to get me started. Thanks everyone!
  11. Again thank you so much for the info this helps me out a ton! Im going to have to read more about the drops but this is great info.
  12. this is super helpful, thank you so much, i just wanted some guidance before wasting my money again lol.
  13. im still learning rules but how do the battalions work?
  14. wow thank you so much for the info this is all great stuff, and yes i could care less about losing, i just want to find a army that "can" win playing it aggressively which is what i would like to do, so they seem like a great choice for me.
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