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  1. TBH I'm thinking ghast courtier and necromancer and I'll probably have a varghulf too, guess it'll be a 40 I'm running then. Cheers folks
  2. So I appreciate this is entirely subjective and dependant on too many things for a concrete answer but I'm working on a 2k list and can't decide how many ghouls I need. Im going to be running 2x 6 horrors made battleline anyway and I can't decide on 2x20 or a 20, a 30 and a necromancer, appreciate it's a wee bit more but I've points free. I have to take at least one unit since I've no flayers and no more horrirs and since the new battleplans mention units of 20+ I reckon that's should be my minimum. Just curious how many you all run, if any?
  3. Not got the horrors for list 2, but list 1 is awesome. Cheers
  4. So I've finally settled on a list, I think, I have a 2k tournament in November, which I get is ages away but glaciers move quicker than I paint. So just before I start painting everything I thought I would get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc opinion before I commit so here's hopefully my final list having taken in what everyone's said. Ghoul King Terrorgheist -Ruler of Night, Cursed Book 400 30 Ghouls 300 30 Ghouls 300 10 Ghouls 100 Crypt Ghast Courtier 80 Ghoul Patrol 100 6 Crypt Horrors 280 6 Crypt Horrors 280 Varghulf Courtier, cloak of mists and shadows 160 I think this is my final answer but I've got another 9 ghouls, 3 horrors, or a haunter courtier, a ghoul king, a ghoul king on dragon, a terrorgheist and a necomancer. Any other suggestions gratefully appreciated. Cheers
  5. The way the rules are written a lot of the Magic items suffer. Vamp has a big base so the book would have quite a bubble, or perhaps the cloak of you want him bombing across the board to take something out turn 1
  6. The durable option is maybe a better shout, outlast my opponents by healing lost wounds and reviving models. Ruler of the night, cursed books, haunted courtier as general rather than a ghoul king so horrors become battleline.
  7. So this list didn't work, played 3 ogre heroes, I forget the name and the lord on that thing that halves wounds. They did the work and tore me apart, should have used the ghouls as a screen. Not sold on the ghoul patrol, new plan in the works. ghoul king on dragon ghoul king on gheist gheist 3x10 ghouls 6 horrors varghulf necromancer Noy sure if this is screen enough however.
  8. I do like the idea of 180 ghoul attacks in 1 go, it's getting them in range, ghulf is better choice, might be a thought to make the ghulf master of black arts but I think red fury on dragons far more fun
  9. So I've got my 1st game in a while and I thought I'd try some new things like formations and such so here's my list. I'd appreciate any feedback on it please. Ghoul king in zombie dragon, cloak and red fury. Ghoul patrol 30 ghouls 30 ghouls 10 ghouls courtier, cursed book 6 crypt horrors 6 crypt horrors 3 crypt horrors The 3 horrors were a debatable choice between them, a necromancer, a ghoul king on foot or a varghulf but I reckon more wounds helps most?
  10. Im actually thinking about a necromancer for Danse macabre
  11. I found you don't need to magnetise the riders
  12. That was exactly my thought but I don't have a 2nd varghulf. Figured they would be the next best thing.
  13. So having been hammered in 2 turns by a khorne army with a 22' run and charge skarbrand, yeah I know right, I've decided to do up my list. Previous list: agk on zombie dragon, red fury tomb blade varfghulf courtier 30 ghouls 10 ghouls 10 ghouls 6 horrors 3 flayers terrorgheist royal mordants new list: agk on zombie dragon agk on terrorgheist. Ruler of night, ring of immortality Varghulf courtier crypt ghast courtier 4x 10 ghouls 6 horrors 6 horrors idea is the 2nd list is tougher and keeps the Kings alive to make the most of the synergy between them, the horrors and varghulf. The ghouls are there to bubble wrap the harder stuff with a cheeky little courtier to replace the casualties
  14. Quarrellers, Grimm, Joseph bugman, 30" crossbow shots that just appear on the board, stick them next to the miners and watch flanks crumble and armies split as they break off to take down 2 flanks
  15. That is a very good point about red fury. Think we'll stick with the King on dragon for general. Necromancer seems like a very good idea now that I've read VDM.
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